TWICE always offers something new and fresh in their music. This, of course, keeps ONCE and casual listeners looking forward to their releases. Their third EP titled Twicecoaster Lane 1 also offers something new and fresh as it also offers various genres on the EP. The genres include dance pop, R&B, rock, electropop, and deep house that make the song in the EP worth listening to. Twicecoaster: Lane 1 was released on October 24th, 2016. It has seven tracks on it including “Next Page” which is an upbeat song that can cheer your day up.

Background of “Next Page”

It first began when JYP Entertainment confirmed TWICE’s comeback on October 10th, 2016. The confirmation was done by releasing a promotion timetable that was uploaded on TWICE’s SNS and their official group homepage. On the timetable, it shows that details would be released each day starting on October 10th, 2016, through October 24th, 2016. The release of the teasers then started with the release of a group image teaser photo in October 2016 twice that day. The second photo teaser is a picture of the members sitting in chairs arranged the same as when someone is sitting on a rollercoaster. The next day, TWICE then released a preview of the album that has two versions with TWICE’s official colors. The album has two colors that are neon magenta and apricot. The highlight medley that features spoilers for all of the songs on the album was then released on October 23rd, 2016, a day before the release of the EP.

Story of “Next Page”

TWICE is known for exploring various themes of love, including how it feels to have a crush on someone, wondering what love is exactly, the confused feelings about a crush who seems cold but really attractive, and other stories. For “Next Page,” TWICE wonders about a way to confess their feelings. The song is an upbeat song with an urban atmosphere. The song describes the courage someone gains to confess their feelings to someone they like. The feeling they have for the other person is pure and passionate. At the same time, it often makes them blush whenever they are together. So, they are determined to make someone they like only look at them. This song that has urban pop vibes is written by Maeel, and the music composer for “Next Page” is Joe J Lee who is also known as Kairos. For music production, Joe J. Lee and Hobyn “K.O” Yi are responsible as producers for “Next Page.” Esther Park “Legaci” and Bei Zhang are credited as background vocals and for vocal production for “Next Page.”

“Next Page” Performance

This cheerful song with an upbeat tempo surely can make your mood improve. Through the urban feel, the song gives a lively feeling to its listener. “Next Page” is a song that suits a concert mood, and it was also part of the setlist for TWICE’s first tour, “Twiceland.”

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