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Grace Tame, the social activist, has revealed shocking new details about her abuser, Nicolaas Bester, at the National Press Club. The former Australian of the Year spoke openly about her physical abuse at the hands of her former maths teacher, Nicolaas Bester, who molested her at school when she was only 15 years old. The attacker was sentenced to prison for his crimes, and the 27-year-old was honored for her role in removing a Tasmanian rule that prohibited sexual abuse survivors from openly discussing their assaults. The reports claimed that Nicolas had befriended Grace after learning that she suffered from an eating disorder. Nicolaas Bester is a former maths instructor at Hobart’s prestigious St. Michael’s Collegiate School who was arrested for physical abuse of his students, especially Grace Tame. The court sentenced him to two years and ten months in prison for abusing and molesting a young girl on multiple occasions. In an interview in 2018, Bester stated that he intends to travel to South Africa to conduct musical concerts for orphans. Grace Tame has disclosed that the man who raped her repeatedly as a teenager kept an envelope full of her hair. Tame discussed the unexpected discovery at the National Press Club on Wednesday. Tame stated that the authorities discovered 28 files of abuse material and a “trophy file” showing students both in uniform and t* on his computer during the probe.

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Nicolaas Bester, the abuser of Grace Tame, does not have a Wikipedia page. However, he is featured on the Wikipedia page of St Michael’s Collegiate School. The school has been involved in several controversies like the abuse case of Grace Tame and Raynor Ian Bartsch, convicted for abusing a 16-year-old girl in 2017. In 2011, the Tasmanian Supreme Court convicted and imprisoned Nicolaas Ockert Bester, a science teacher and the head of maths and science at St Michael’s Collegiate, for two years and ten months. At the time, he was 55 years old. In 2016, he was convicted and sentenced to an extra four months in prison for bragging about it on social media. Nicolaas Bester has not disclosed details about his wife, but he mentioned that the relationship with his partner was wrecked following the Grace Tame controversy. Bester’s lawyer, Kim Baumeler, indicated that his client’s relationship with his family as well as his profession had been shattered. His wife had left him, and his only interaction with his children was now “acrimonious.” In December 2017, Nicolaas gave a 17-minute interview to conservative commentator Bettina Arndt, who used the photo and name of Tame in the video without her permission, a further violation. Arndt referred to actions of Grace as “sexually suggestive” in that video, and she smiles as she discusses the second offense of Bester of making child exploitation material. Previous St Michael’s Collegiate School science educator Nicolaas Ockert Bester conceded to having sexual contact with a minor. Bester become a close acquaintence with her subsequent to discovering that the person in question, Grace Tame, was experiencing an eating issue.

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