She is the main rapper of the group who has brought a lot of charms to brighten up your day. Don’t you guys want to know more about NiziU’s Rima? You can check out everything about her through the article below by Channel Korea!

Full Profile of NiziU’s Rima

Birth Name: Yokoi Rima (横井りま/よこい りま/요코이 리마) / Nakabayashi Rima (中林里茉/なかばやし りま/나카바야시 리마) Stage Name: Rima (りま/リマ) Birth: Tokyo, Japan, March 26, 2004 Zodiac Sign: Aries Height: 160 cm Weight: N/A Blood Type: O Nationality: Japanese Position in NiziU: Main Rapper Occupation: Singer Label: JYP Entertainment Years Active: 2020 – present Associated With: Nizi Project, NiziU

Interesting Facts About Rima That You Shouldn’t Miss!

Rima went to an international school since she was 2 years old. Rima attended Aoba Japan International School and International School of the Sacred Heart. She dropped out of International School of the Sacred Heart to join Nizi Project. Rima can speak Japanese, Korean, and English very fluently. She thinks English is easier than Japanese. Rima went to Korea for lessons in Korea. Rima’s mother is a supermodel and her father is a rapper. She has 2 half brothers and one sister. Rima joined JYP Entertainment in February 2019. One of Rima’s favorite foods is pasta. Rima can write her own raps. She loves playing games, doing skincare, and doing makeup.

Get To Know NiziU’s Rima’s Ideal Type Here

After learning more about Rima through her fun facts, some of you might wonder about her ideal type as many idols usually talk about their ideal type on some occasions. Unfortunately, it seems like Rima never revealed her ideal type. She is also being careful and is focused on her career with NiziU while trying to give her best performance to the fans. Let’s wait and see about NiziU’s Rima’s ideal type in the future, shall we?

Rima’s Pre-Debut Era: Appearance on Nizi Project and More

Rima was born into a wealthy family and has been surrounded by the entertainment industry. Her father is the famous DJ Zeebra, and her mother is the famous model Nakabayashi Miwa. Her great-grandfather is the former president of the Hotel New Japan. Meanwhile, her other grandfather is known as an architect. Even though she came from a rich family, Rima has pursued her career. She joined JYP Entertainment as a trainee in 2019. Then, she decided to participate in the show Nizi Project. Rima has proven her singing, rapping, and dancing skills during the show which also led her to finish in 3rd place on Nizi Project.

Rima’s Debut With NiziU

After the Nizi Project show ended, the final lineup for the upcoming group NiziU finally debuted. Rima with the other eight members officially debuted in December 2020 by releasing the single “Step and a Step.” Previously, the group NiziU had released a pre-debut album titled Make You Happy in June 2020. In NiziU, Rima is known as the charming voice of the group, and her position is the main rapper as well. For those of you who don’t know, NiziU is a girl group formed under JYP Entertainment and Sony Music from the survival show Nizi Project. The group’s name meaning comes from the Japanese word “Niji” which means rainbow. Meanwhile, the “U” means that the fans will always be there to support the girls. After they succeeded with “Make You Happy” and “Step and a Step,” Niziu also released another single entitled “Take a Picture / Poppin’ Shakin’” in April 2021, and they released their first studio album U in November 2021.

Watch the Fancam Performances of NiziU’s Rima

Let’s check out some of NiziU’s Rima’s focus fancam performances here:

NiziU’s Rima can appear with various images from an adorable image to a girl crush and fierce image. Through the “Step and a Step” performance, Rima looks very captivating with her feminine looks. In the same way, she beautifully shows her singing and dancing abilities!

A little bit different from the previous video, this time, Rima looks very captivating with her girl crush and boyish image! Wearing an all-black outfit, Rima’s dance is also very powerful, and we can never get enough of her charms, right?

Rima Legally Changed Her Name After Her Parents Divorced

We have explained that Rima came from a famous and rich family, especially her parents who work in the entertainment industry as well. However, it was a heartbreaking moment when Rima’s parents decided to split up after her father was caught cheating with another woman. He apologized to the public and his family. After Rima’s parents decided to split up, her mother, Nakabayashi Miwa, took custody of both their daughters, including NiziU’s Rima. It also led to the decision that Rima legally changed her birth name. Initially, her birth name was Yokoi Rima, but it was changed to Nakabayashi Rima. That’s everything about NiziU’s Rima! Even though she came from a famous and wealthy family, Rima can shine brighter with her hard work. After she passed the Nizi Project show, she finally made it to debut as one of the NiziU members. What do you think about NiziU’s Rima? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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