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Full Profile of Oh My Girl’s Sunghee


Facts about Oh My Girl’s Sunghee

She was born in Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea She is the winner of the WM Audition of 2015 In 2007, she joined the SBS variety show Star King In 2010, she also joined Super Star K and made it into the top 12 She is a close friend of Arin Her nicknames are 2nd BoA and Morning Angel Her hobbies are listening to music, watching movies, and drawing She played a role as a little Lim Chang-jung in the drama Open The Door with LABOUM’s Yulhee She also acted in a web drama titled Loss: Time: Life with B1a4’s Baro She was once rushed to the hospital because she fainted due to tiredness and stress after completing OMG’s comeback promotions on the MBC Music Core stage She has participated in a variety of singing programs such as the King of Mask Singer (2015) and Girl Spirit (2016) She can play the guitar She appeared in Lom Chang Jung’s MV “Open The Door” and ONF‘s MV “ON/OFF” In the dorm, she shares a room with Arin She had the most exposure before debut “U&I” by Ailee is her favorite song to sing during karaoke She enjoys speaking English by imitating movie characters She said she would work out without a shirt on if she was a boy She was famous for her lively eyebrows and she wants to pass on her eyebrows to her children while saying, “Take them, my children. They are of vital importance, you will use them well” She likes every color except for orange When asked about her ‘small but definite happiness,’ she answered that watching dog videos and crying over animals being happy She wants to travel to the Netherlands If she were to gain a superpower, she said that she wants to control time She enjoys eating jellies Oh My Girl’s Idiot is the nickname that she desired When she’s stressed, she turns off all the lights in the practice room, turns on really loud music, and dances until she’s sweating “Remember Me” and “Twilight” are her favorite Oh My Girl songs Her overflowing energy and her good stamina are her strengths Her name represents ‘win and shine brightly’ She is a big fan of IU and even learned to play the guitar because of her She is the singer behind the OST for the drama Temperature of Love called “You Are” She’s friends with V and Jimin from BTS Her ideal type is “Someone who I can easily talk to” She likes Gong Yoo


Debut as a member of OH MY GIRL

Oh My Girl or often stylized as OMG (오마이 걸) is the first girl group formed by WM Entertainment and was first publicized as the sister group of the hit boy group at that time, B1A4. The group was introduced on March 29th, 2015, through a teaser image and of course, the chosen concept. After introducing the 8 members–Hyojung, Jine (who later left the group), Mimi, Yooa, Seunghee, Jiho, Binnie, and Arin–and releasing a teaser video for their debut song, they finally and officially debuted on April 20th, 2015, with the song “Cupid” from their first mini-album Oh My Girl 1st Mini Album along with other four songs. In the group, Sunghee filled the position of the main vocal, as predicted.

In the pool of K-pop girl groups, Oh My Girl stood fresh with a new take on mystical electronic music and distinctive personalities. Even though the group didn’t hit mainstream success right away upon their debut, Oh My Girl’s music is still recognized as one of the ‘hidden gems’ from back then. The music video has a total of +6 million views. Even now, after their singles have become mainstream hits in 2020, many new fans are coming to their debut video and praise the group. Many even analyzed the situation of Oh My Girl who just hit their mainstream success five years after debut. “It’s been a group that has been affectionate since before debut, but when I look back now, it feels very sad. There must have been hard times and I must have had a lot of hard work, but I am so grateful for continuing to be active until now. Let’s be happy in the future,” said one user. “This is the reason why Oh My Girl couldn’t come up during the girl group turmoil in 15. Since girl groups can’t create core fans compared to boy groups, how much fans they attract in the beginning plays a decisive role in the group’s lifespan. Post-competitors started with a concept pillar of a girl group. Lovelyz debuted at the end of 2014. They created a fandom with a fairly high ranking and hit the Achuro chart the following year. From time to time, we ran the jackpot for 3 consecutive times. At this time, Apink also came out to the regular album. Kara also made a comeback after Cupid’s activities, but the name of the comeback song is the same. Conflicting Twice debuts after this period, TWICE absorbs most of the male fans who enter the girl group version after “Cheer Up”. Oh My Girl, in 2015, I remember, only had articles from the B1A4 sister group,” commented one user. “I’m listening to Oh My Girl’s debut song CUPID in 2020. Looking back now, all the members are fresh and pretty. Oh My Girl’s Cupid is awesome whenever I listen to it ❤❤❤❤,” added another user. They first appeared on the stage of SBS’ The Show to promote their debut song on April 21st, 2020.


Oh My Girl’s Sunghee Activities in Variety Shows

Compared to other members, Sunghee is the member who had the most exposure before debut. It’s very natural considering that she entered the industry earlier than the other members. Her journey in the industry started when she was very young.

Long before she became a member of Oh My Girl, Sunghee had been appearing here and there on television. She was a child artist and a participant in programs such as KBS 1TV’s National Singing Contest (2006), SBS’ Star King (2007), and Mnet’s Superstar K2 (2010).

Her talent has been recognized since she was a child. Her powerful voice awed the Star King’s panelists including Haha (which now became her colleagues lol).

Her talent also brought her to the top 12 of Superstar K2.

Not long after her debut with Oh My Girl, she participated in JTBC’s Girl Spirit (2016), a singing competition reality television show that aims to highlight female vocalists so that they can become more widely known. Every week, the program carries a certain theme. In the show, Sunghee performed a cover of Shinee’s “Dream Girl,” a rock version of TWICE’s “Cheer Up,” and a duet with B1A4’s Sandeul dedicated to her brother. Sunghee finished second after Bohyung from SPICA, in which she won a holiday prize to Saipan with his family. She has also participated in other singing reality shows such as King of Masked Singer, Fantastic Duo, and Hidden Singer. Recently, she and the other Oh My Girl members performed on Mnet’s Queendom where they competed against top singers like AOA, Mamamoo, and Park Bom. The show also often showcased Sunghee’s reaction cut as she is very expressive.

In the variety show realm, Sunghee is known as an expressive and energetic persona. She has appeared as a guest on many popular reality shows, such as Radio Star, Knowing Brother, Idol Room, Ask Us Anything, etc. One of the reasons why she’s got a lot of screen time is because she isn’t scared to show crazy expressions and make people around her laugh. Her funny personality has been recognized by many television stars. One of the memorable funny moments of her was when she was asked to impersonate the cast of JTBC’s Knowing Brother. She confidently impersonated Kim Young-chul, Lee Soo-geun, Lee Sang-min, and Seo Jang-hoon. Her impersonation resulted in eruptive laughter from the cast who clapped at her accuracy and craziness.

Not only that, even her energy and persona have been recognized by her idol and role model, IU. Sunghee herself admitted that she is a big fan of IU. In fact, IU’s figure has a big influence on her as IU inspired Sunghee to learn to play guitar. Both Sunghee and bandmate Hyojung were invited to appear on IU’s YouTube show, IU’s Homebody Signal, in 2020. IU even complimented Sunghee by saying that they had a similar aura and facial features.

As expected of our Variety Queen!  

Oh My Girl’s Sunghee in IU’s Homebody Signal

As we have said earlier, both Sunghee and bandmate Hyojung were invited to appear on IU’s YouTube show, IU’s Homebody Signal, in 2020. This was an honor for Sunghee as she has been known to be a big fan of IU since her pre-debut time. In fact, IU’s figure has a big influence on her as IU inspired Sunghee to learn to play guitar. And on top of that, she and Hyojung are the first-ever guests on IU’s show! The singer and the group have been showing support to each other back and forth. When Oh My Girl released their mini-album NONSTOP in May 2020, IU rushed off to praise them and said that she liked the song “Dolphin” on her personal Instagram. Oh My Girl also sent a food truck to IU’s new film set to show their support. In the episode of IU’s Homebody Signal that was uploaded on July 15th, 2010, the three of them sat together to chat about many things. The Oh My Girl members said that they have watched IU’s show, to which IU replied, “I like Oh My Girl so much too!” As Oh My Girl became more popular, IU gave a word of encouragement, “I’ve been very happy as someone who’s been watching you.” Hyojung said that their b-side song “Dolphin” started to rise in the charts when IU boosted it on her Instagram. IU then responded with a kind laugh, “Did it really?!” “I slept in and turned on the TV, and Oh My Girl happened to be on the show at the time,” she said, explaining how she encountered the song during watching SBS’ Inkigayo on Sundays. “I hadn’t heard ‘Dolphin’ before then, but I just loved it. Your look was also so new and refreshing, and I felt a bit excited and nervous, despite being a long-time fan. I went, ‘What’s this? Why are these lyrics so good? Why is their performance so good?’” she went on saying that she uploaded it on her Instagram right after that. Seunghee, unable to hold her enthusiasm when facing her idol, said that she was very excited to appear in IU’s show, and even dyed her hair for it. IU then went on by talking that she was a long-time Oh My Girl fan. She said that she heard a lot of good things about OMG since she used to go to the same salon as them. “Actually, I watch everything you’re in,” said IU. She also said that she felt inspired by their hard work and energy. In the episode, IU also complimented Sunghee by saying that they had a similar aura and facial features.

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding OMG’s variety queen, Sunghee! So, what do you think? Have you fallen in love already? Tell us everything in the comment box below!

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