Full Profile of OH MY GIRL’s Mimi

Birth Name: Kim Mi-hyun (김미현)) Stage Name: Mimi (미미) Place and Date of Birth: Jeju Island, South Korea, May 1st, 1995 Age: 25 years old Zodiac Sign: Taurus Height: 163 cm Weight: 47 kg Blood Type: AB Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub-vocalist Label: WM Entertainment Years Active: 2015–present Associated With: OH MY GIRL Instagram: mimmiiiya YouTube: 밈PD / [-___-_]mmmii

Facts About Mimi That You Need to Know

Mimi started her career as a trainee in 2013 She was the only rapper in OH MY GIRL and is famously known for her husky voice Mimi is also good at drawing Her name has the meaning of “to grow up beautifully” Mimi loves to listen to music, read, go shopping, as well as walk Her ideal type is someone who has a lot in common with her and only loves her Mimi also likes actor Lee Jong-suk and is a huge fan of Celeb Five Her favorite food are eggs, while her favorite snack is anything that has chocolate within it She would prefer casual or Hip-Hop style instead of feminine style for herself Mimi has described herself as an “unstable person,” and she has a habit of biting her fingernails

Debut as an OH MY GIRL Member

After being one of the trainees of WM Entertainment for almost three years, Mimi finally made her debut with OH MY GIRL on April 21st, 2015. The group released their debut mini-album entitled Oh My Girl with “Cupid” as the lead single, followed by their debut showcase on the same day. Meanwhile, Mimi and the other OH MY GIRL members performed the single “Cupid” for the first time on SBS’s The Show. From their debut, OH MY GIRL were introduced as the sister group of B1A4 which were scouted by the same agency, WM Entertainment. Through the course of their career, Mimi with OH MY GIRL has released a bunch of amazing albums such as Pink Ocean, Coloring Book, Secret Garden, and many more.

Aside from that, Mimi has also taken part in a lot of OH MY GIRL singles as the songwriter. Mostly, Mimi has been involved in the rap part of the lyrics, such as in “Closer”, “Pink Ocean”, as well as “Listen To Me”. She also performed in Girl Spirit along with YooA, Seunghee, and the group Ladies’ Code to make the cover song performance of Sunmi’s “24 Hours” and Apink’s “No No No”. Since their debut in 2015, OH MY GIRL have remained active in the music industry until now. The group released their latest mini-album Nonstop in April 2020.

Mimi’s Discography

As Lead Artist:

Too Yoo Project – Sugarman Part. 33 (with Kim Yong-il, Park Sang-hoo, Seunghee)

Song Writing Credits:  

Mimi’s Filmography

OH MY GIRL’s Mimi’s individual filmography: Reality Shows

Mimi’s YouTube Channel

Currently, Mimi is still active as an OH MY GIRL member as well as singer and songwriter. Not only that, but Mimi is also active on her own YouTube channel which has been made since 2019. She was the first OH MY GIRL member who opened up a private YouTube channel. Through the platform, Mimi has shared various types of content such as cover songs, dance covers, daily vlogs, and many more. You can watch Mimi’s latest video, here:

Let’s also take a look at Mimi’s Instagram updates:

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