Full Profile of OH MY GIRL’s Yooa

Birth Name: Yoo Yeon-joo (유연주) then she legally changed into Yoo Shi-ah (유시아) Stage Name: Yooa (유아) Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, September 17th, 1995 Age: 25 years old Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 161 cm Weight: 44 kg Blood Type: A Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Face of The Group Label: WM Entertainment Years Active: 2015–present Associated With: OH MY GIRL, Girls Next Door, Sunny Girls Instagram: yoo__sha

Interesting Facts About Yooa

She has an older brother named Junsun who works as a famous choreographer Before her debut, Yooa went to Hongyoungjoo dance academy. She also used to be a trainee of WH Entertainment She was involved in a group project called Girls’ Next Door formed by the TV show Drama Operation Team Yooa was also part of Sunny Girls as a member, together with GFriend’s Eunha, WJSN’s Cheng Xiao, MOMOLAND’s Nancy, and Gugudan’s Nayoung If Yooa wasn’t an idol, she would like to be a choreographer Yooa is famously known for her doll-like and small face which has made other OH MY GIRL members tease Yooa for her cuteness She loves listening to music and having her time alone Yooa’s favorite color is red Her ideal type is someone who is honest and has a height of 175 cm Yooa likes the actor Jung Woo-sung She was the first OH MY GIRL member who made a solo debut by releasing the song “Bon Voyage” Yooa is also the first OH MY GIRL member who appeared in a CF by herself

Debut as an OH MY GIRL Member

April 2015 marked the official debut of Yooa with OH MY GIRL. The girl group released their first self-titled mini-album as their debut project. In the group, Yooa was in charge as the face of the group, main dancer, and lead vocalist as well. She and other OH MY GIRL members performed the hit single “Cupid” in SBS’s The Show which marked their debut stage. The self-titled mini-album of OH MY GIRL was welcomed by people wholeheartedly. It was followed by the release of other mini-albums such as Closer, Pink Ocean, and many more. OH MY GIRL also successfully entered a bunch of music charts with some of their hit singles, songs such as “Liar Liar”, “Step by Step”, “Windy Day”, and many other.

Aside from that, OH MY GIRL finally introduced their fandom name as Miracle and held their first solo concert titled Summer Fairy Tales that took place in Blue Square Samsung Car Hall, Seoul, South Korea. The concert tickets were sold out within three minutes only, and clearly made the group the fastest selling rookie group for a concert. Since their first debut in 2015, OH MY GIRL have remained active until now. The girl group also just released their latest single Project Ride which was a collaboration between OH MY GIRL, singer Keanu Silva, and Mougleta.

OH MY GIRL’s Yooa’s Solo Activity

Yooa also is also active in other fields as a K-Pop idol. In August 2019, she and other OH MY GIRL members took part in Queendom together. It was known as an Mnet program that collected 6 trending girl groups and threw them into ‘battle’, to determine the number one girl group among them. Yooa and OH MY GIRL attracted a lot of attention after their performance in the show. Moreover, Yooa who has known for her amazing dancing skills, obviously became the spotlight and successfully made the fans’ hearts flutter with her performance in Queendom! Moreover, the fans discovered that Yooa’s charming points during Queendom also made her receive the title ‘cherry-type’ beauty personality as well!

Not only that, but OH MY GIRL’s Yooa is the first member of the group to make a solo debut! Yooa released her first solo project “Bon Voyage” on September 25th, 2020. The package contained the single album and the music video of “Bon Voyage” as well as the virtual showcase that took place on the same day. Through the single album, Yooa wanted to deliver a message to everyone who has been chasing their dream to keep going ahead and even beyond to chase further opportunities. “Bon Voyage” comes from the popular French phrase for a Happy Journey. Yooa presented such a unique concept to express her own music with “Bon Voyage”, which people could see through the music video.

In October 2020, Yooa appeared with her sophisticated visual on one of her photoshoots with Allure Korea magazine. In her photoshoot session, Yooa also had an interview and mostly talked about her career, her solo debut, and a lot more!

OH MY GIRL’s Yooa’s Discography

Yooa’s individual discography: Mini-albums   Formats: CD, Digital Download, Streaming Singles   OST Appearances   OH MY GIRL’s Yooa’s Filmography Yooa’s individual filmography: Reality Shows   Music Videos OH MY GIRL’s Yooa’s OST Appearances OH MY GIRL’s Yooa has had quite a busy schedule, especially after she released her first mini-album Bon Voyage a couple of months ago and got her first win in The Show. And now, Yooa has also made a comeback with another music project by becoming a singer for Over The Moon, the newest animation movie from Netflix. Yooa sang the song “Rocket To The Moon” in the Korean version.

Let’s take a look at OH MY GIRL’s Yooa’s Instagram updates, here. That was all the information regarding OH MY GIRL’s Yooa. We hope that all good things happen in her career in the future as well. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts about OH MY GIRL’s Yooa in the comment section below!

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