And just like that, this idol group also has its main dancer that is so talented in dancing. Not only he has a really great dancing skill, but this idol is also handsome and attractive. This idol is friends of some idols such as APINK’s Hayoung, ONF, Hong Eunki, etc. He went to the same high school and the same year as BTS’s Jungkook, and has trained with some Seventeen members too. Well, this idol is none other than Yeo Hwanwoong from ONEUS! He’s the talented main dancer who has a gorgeous face just like a fairy. If you’re curious enough about him, might as well scroll down to find out more about Hwanwoong in the sections below!

ONEUS’s Hwanwoong’s Profile

Full name: Yeo Hwan-Woong Korean Stage Name: 환웅 Korean Real Name: 여환웅 Stage Name: Hwanwoong Nicknames: Woongi, Peanut, Baby Tiger, Sloth, Fairy, Prince, Nasty Little Boy, etc. Birthplace: Yangcheon-gu, Seoul-si, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 168 cm Foot size: 260 mm Birthday: August 26th, 1998 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Chinese Zodiac: Tiger Position: Main dancer, sub-vocalist Occupation: Singer, idol Education:

Seoul Eunjung Elementary School Shinseo Middle School Seoul Performing Arts High School Global Cyber University (Broadcast Entertainment)

Hobbies: Taking pictures, walking, swinging, watching movies Specialties: Urban, rocking, waxing, etc. street dance, taekwondo, finding strengths Blood type: A MBTI Type: ISTP Family: Parents Debut: 2019 Agency: RBW Entertainment

ONEUS’s Hwanwoong’s Facts

Hwanwoong is slow when he’s doing anything except when he’s dancing. Hwanwoong has very thick double eyelids. Even from afar, Hwanwoong’s nose bridge is clearly visible, the angle of his nose is 43 degrees. Hwanwoong practiced Taekwondo when he was in elementary school, and he learned dancing when he was in middle school. Hwanwoong really likes babies. When he was 8 years old until he graduated from elementary school, his parents had experiences in taking care of babies between 1 to 2 years old. Hwanwoon’s favorite coffee type is Iced Vanilla Latte. He really likes bubble tea too. Just like his father, Hwanwoong can’t take alcohol. Just a glass of beer turns his face red. Hwanwoong can’t use contact lenses, he only can use them for a while because they hurt his eyes. Hwanwoong is also called Spo-fairy, which means he likes to give a spoiler for the upcoming comeback. Sometimes he just takes off his new-colored hair or sings some lyrics of the new song.

ONEUS’s Hwanwoong’s Pre-Debut

Some K-pop idols went to Seoul to reach their dream as K-pop stars. Some left their hometown at such young age and started to live in Seoul on their own. Some had to adjust and adapt to the environment since they came from other countries. Well, then again, every idol has his own story. As for Hwanwoong, he didn’t have to move that far when he started his journey to be a K-pop idol. That’s because he was actually born and raised in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. Hwanwoong was born on August 26th, 1998, exactly in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. He lived there only with his parents since he’s an only child. Hwanwoong’s area is quite near to the place most K-pop agencies are placed at. That could be one of the factors that pulled him to dream of becoming a singer. At a very young age, Hwanwoong saw the solo singer, Rain. Since that time, he dreamt to be a singer too, just like Rain. He also told his neighborhood friends that he wanted to be a world star such as his role model. But his dream wasn’t really just a saying at all. Hwanwoong was such a determined person since he was a child. Hwanwoong who used to be a school president since elementary school and class president in middle school, started learning to dance and joined the dance club in his school. Even when the dance club had disappeared, he collected dance clubs in addition to the previous dance club. He also joined the band club so he can learn to sing or even write songs. Just look at how he has a strong will in pursuing his dream. No wonder that in 2013, he made his first decisive step to reach his dream. Hwanwoong, who applied for an audition at one of the K-pop agencies, passed the audition and officially became a trainee of Pledis Entertainment. He trained with Seungkwan and DK from Seventeen even though only for a short time. He could join the line-up for Seventeen, but probably he was too young back then. That was also one of the reasons he left Pledis Entertainment for other agencies. Some said that he has been a trainee of YG Entertainment too, but there weren’t any good sources about this. What’s actually true is Hwanwoong joined the agency that later debuted him as a K-pop idol, RBW Entertainment in 2016. Hwanwoong became the first male trainee in RBW Entertainment at that time. He was also the longest trainee in RBW Entertainment compared to other members. That’s how Hwanwoong started his journey to be a K-pop idol. He became a trainee in some companies and gained a lot of things from there. He also attended SOPA, or the Seoul School of Performing Arts, and majored in Practical Dance, where he became friends with Hayoung from APINK, ONF, and Hong Eunki. He was also in the same class as Eunseo from Cosmic Girls or WJSN.

ONEUS’s Hwanwoong’s Produce 101 Era

After becoming a trainee of RBW Entertainment, Hwanwoong became one of the trainees that joined the Mnet survival program Produce 101 Season 2 in 2017. He was the representative of RBW Entertainment in that season along with Son Dongmyeong, Lee Keonhee, Choi Jaewoo, and Seoho or Lee Keonmin. The five of them are also known as the RBW Boyz. Here is the video of Hwanwoong’s introduction message. And here are some clips of Hwanwoong when he was in Produce 101 Season 2 performing some songs.

What do you think of Hwanwoong’s performances? Well, he was really cool back then, but unfortunately, he didn’t make it to the final line-up. In fact, he got eliminated in Episode 8. However, Hwanwoong, Lee Keonhee, and Lee Keonmin became the trainees that would soon debut in RBW’s upcoming boy group in November 2017.

ONEUS’s Hwanwoong’s Debut

After seeing the struggles of Hwanwoong before he made it into a debut line-up, now it’s time to hear the good news. Hwanwoong and other trainees who have been trained for almost two years finally debut as a K-pop group! In June 2018, RBW Entertainment confirmed that RBW Boyz will make a debut with the name ONEUS. If you see their senior in the same agency as them, there’s also a boy band in RBW Entertainment with the name ONEWE, they made a debut in 2015. How cute that their name is alike, just like real brothers. Anyway, ONEUS made their official debut on January 9th, 2019. The group consists of six talented members, which are RAVN who is in charge of the main rapper position, Seoho who is in charge of the main vocalist position, Leedo who is in charge of the main rapper position, Keonhee who is in charge of the main vocalist position, Hwanwoong who is in charge of the main dancer position, and lastly Xion who is in charge of the sub-vocalist and maknae position. The group made their debut with the song titled “Valkyrie” from their first mini-album titled Light Us. Let’s check out the music video of “Valkyrie” by ONEUS!

The song is so catchy. The outfits match them perfectly. They also danced so well and their expressions are so priceless. No wonder a lot of K-pop fans started to stan them. Anyway, the fandom name of ONEUS is To Moon. And now it’s time to see the dance version of “Valkyrie” so we can see how good Hwanwoong’s dance is!

Compared to the music video, ONEUS used a much more comfortable style for the video of the dance practice of “Valkyrie”. Even so, they still did the choreography really well. Nice work, ONEUS! They lightened up the beginning of the year with their debut song! What do you think about ONEUS’s debut era? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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