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ONEUS’s Ravn’s Profile

Stage Name: Ravn (레이븐) Full Name: Kim Young Jo (김영조) Nicknames: Goyang-i (cat), Jjonyangi (Young-jo + cat), Bbangjo, Yippeuni (pretty), Cool Kim Young Jo. Date of Birth: September 2nd, 1995 Place of Birth: Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea Nationality: Korean Star Sign: Virgo Blood Type: A Height: 178 cm Weight: 65 kg Shoe size: 285 mm Debut Date: January 9th, 2019 (with ONEUS) Associated Acts: ONEUS Agency: RBW Entertainment (RainbowBridge World) Education: Hyunam High School MBTI: ENFJ Official Instagram: pls9ravn Official SoundCloud: pls9ravn Official YouTube channel: 김영조

Facts of ONEUS’s Ravn

Ravn is a reliable eldest brother since the group has no leader. He quietly looks after his younger siblings instead of stepping forward. Ravn has an older sister. His stage name is inspired by Mystique Raven, an X-Men hero that he likes. Ravn owns a dog named Sunny. Ravn appeared in MAMAMOO’s “Everyday” MV and JIN JU’s “Petal” MV. Ravn is close to Ji Han-sol of NewKidd and Dong-heon of VERIVERY, with whom he was a trainee together at SM Entertainment. Ravn is friends with Chungha since a long time ago. They were classmates. He is also friends with AB6IX‘s Woong. The lyrics of the song “Flame”, which was uploaded to his SoundCloud around September 2018, contain an honest story about his trainee days. Ravn worked as a member of a dance team when he was in high school. Together with A.C.E‘s Kim Byeongkwan and PENTAGON’s Kino, he was a member of the Urban Boyz dance crew. His role model is Jay Park.

Ravn first revealed his signature at the fan café on July 14th, 2018. It was released on July 18th, 2020, after using the signature ever since debut. The main character of his crew name + rap name, pls9ravn, was the current sign, but the new sign includes numerous symbols such as roses, high notes, and infinite symbols, a crown, and a smile. His favorite food is steak. Ravn like Chinese food such as hot pot, malatang, guobaorou (crispy sweet and sour pork), etc. His favorite side dishes are seasoned cockles (kkomak) and braised mackerel. Ravn dreamed of becoming a movie director and an actor. If Ravn has a chance, he would like to act. Ravn likes the Marvel heroes. Among them, he likes Spider-Man the most, so his dream was to be Spider-Man when he was young. Furthermore, Spider-Man appears in the lyrics of his self-composed song “HERO”. Hobbies: looking in the mirror, buying clothes, scribbling, watching YouTube, reading, drawing, creating content, collecting figures. Specialties: composition, songwriting.

ONEUS’s Ravn’s Pre-debut Era

Before debut, though he only starred as an extra playing a supporting role, Ravn used to work as a child model and a child actor. He was a trainee of SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and Play M Entertainment before joining RBW Entertainment. At the JYP audition in 2016, he placed 2nd and also practiced with DAY6 members. He was also expected to debut as a member of Victon, but eventually left the company and joined RBW Entertainment. In November 2017, RBW Entertainment released a project called RBW Boyz prior to ONEUS’s debut. The project titled RBW Trainee Real Life: We Will Debut was a monthly assessment and later reveal via the official YouTube channel and Naver’s V Live of RBW Entertainment of every step of a boy group’s debut process, including rehearsal, training, and daily life. Check out Ravn’s pre-debut videos, here:

ONEUS’s Ravn’s Participation in MIXNINE

In 2017, Ravn, and Seo-ho took part in MIXNINE, a survival reality show by YG Entertainment, aired on JTBC. Ravn got to perform “Hand in Hand”, “Paradise Lost”, and “What Makes You Beautiful”. In the third round, he was eliminated, with Lee Kun-min in 27th place. “It was a good experience,” he said on the RBW Boyz V Live, “It showed various charms such as refreshing beauty, sexy beauty, and powerfulness through three competitions of Mixnine.” Check out Ravn’s performances on MIXNINE, here:


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