We’re going to talk about one of the idols who has been on screen for over five years. He made his debut when he was 15 years old according to the international age system. It’s ONEWE’s CyA! Are you familiar with ONEWE? It’s a band under RBW that consists of five members. It has Younghoon as a vocalist, Harin as a drummer and beatbox, Kanghyun as the guitarist, Dongmyeong as the lead vocalist and keyboardist, CyA as the rapper, bassist. CyA is also the youngest member of ONEWE. Let’s get to know better the young and talented bassist, CyA!

ONEWE’s Cya’s Profile

There are a lot of things about CyA that you should know, but first, let us take you to the profile of CyA! Full Name: Lee Giuk/Lee Giwook Given Name: Giwook/Giuk Stage Name: CyA Pronunciation: Key-ah Korean Name: 키아 / 이기욱 Nicknames: Baby Wook (baby in Korean means Aegi, so Aegi Wook sounds like ae and Giwook, his real name), Lee Gyuk, Hamster Captain, Ssia (from his stage name) Birthday: January 24th, 2000 Birthplace: Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 175 cm Weight: 58 kg Blood Type: A Family: Parents, older sister Position: Bassist, rapper MBTI: ENFJ Specialties: skincare, showing off the nose, etc. Hobbies: Basketball, badminton, etc. Debut Year: 2015 Agency: RBW Entertainment Group: ONEWE (formerly known as MAS or MAS0094)

ONEWE’s Cya’s Facts

Now that we have seen CyA’s profile, let’s check out some interesting facts about him!

CyA’s birthday is only two weeks after Dongmyeong’s birthday. However, since Dongmyeong was born earlier, he is supposed to call him hyung. Nevertheless, CyA uses the informal word for him and even just addresses him with “hey” as of 2021. Even though he’s in a band, his dancing skills are at a high level. CyA is the youngest but he can’t really do aegyo. CyA’s drinking tolerance is 6 bottles of beer or 2 bottles of soju.

ONEWE’s Cya’s Pre-Debut: Started an Indie Band, MAS0094, Etc.

CyA made his debut when he was 15 years old in the international age system, or 16 years old in the Korean age system. He was so young and he was still in middle school at that time. You might be wondering what made him become one of the members of a band. Especially, since the other members were much older than him. Let’s check out the full story of ONEWE’s CyA before he debuted as a bassist! CyA, or as we have seen from the profile, Lee Giuk, was just a little boy from Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do. He was born on January 24th, 2000. CyA spent his childhood and the early stages of his teenage life in Suwon, Gyeonggi. CyA lived with his parents and his older sister. Even in his household, CyA is also the youngest member. Back in the days, Cya was friends with Dongmyeong. They were both interested in music. Especially Cya who invested his time in learning how to play the bass. Even though he was left-handed, he played the bass with the right hand just like a right-handed person would play the bass. Cya then met Kanghyun and Harin. They had the same taste in music and tried to form a band. After a while, the three of them realized that they needed a vocalist. That’s how Cya then asked Dongmyeong to join the band. Later on, Yonghoon who was much older than the rest of the members joined the band too. After the formation was completed, they found a name for their band. Back then, they didn’t come up with ONEWE. Instead, they used the name MAS0094, which stood for “Make a Sound”. While the numbers are the years in which the youngest and the older member were born. Since then, MAS0094 started to perform independently. Not only performing, but they also composed their own songs. They eventually debuted under a company named Modern Music. MAS0094 officially released their first album in August 2015. The album was titled Butterfly, Find a Flower. Check out the teaser for Butterfly, Find a Flower by MAS0094!

You can take a listen to the full music here!

As a band, they like to perform on the street. In this way, MAS0094 can show their skills to people who pass by. Let’s check out the performances of MAS0094 on the streets!

If the musicians who are busking on the street are as talented as them, we would be so happy to pass by, right? Don’t forget that at that time, Cya was still in high school! And he was already so talented. So proud!

ONEWE’s Cya’s Re-Debut as a Member of ONEWE, Signing with RBW, Etc.

The popularity of MAS0094 was rising as they performed lots of times. MAS0094 also performed at the KBS Song Festival on January 1st, 2017, as the session band for Mamamoo. In June 2017, MAS0094 signed a contract with RBW Entertainment. This is the agency that later on re-debuted them as ONEWE. Since RBW Entertainment is an agency that focuses on K-pop groups, MAS0094 was their first band to join the company. For the new beginning, MAS0094 under RBW Entertainment would be known as MAS only. Along with other male trainees in RBW Entertainment, they introduced MAS to the public so people will recognize them even more. Both MAS and male trainees of RBW Entertainment who were known as RBW Boyz appeared in a reality show titled Trainee Life – I Will Debut from RBW Entertainment. Let’s check out some clips of CyA along with his teammates from MAS in Trainee Life – I Will Debut!

In June 2018, RBW Entertainment announced that MAS, who were formerly known as MAS0094, would be rebranding under RBW Entertainment. They also announced that MAS would change their name to ONEWE. This name is similar to RBW Entertainment’s boy group name, ONEUS. On September 27th, 2018, ONEWE released a pre-debut single along with ONEUS titled “Last Song”. Check out the song from ONEWE and ONEUS below!

On May 13th, 2019, ONEWE finally debuted officially under RBW Entertainment. They released a song titled “Reminisce About All” for their first official song as ONEWE. Let’s check out the music video from ONEWE!

They also performed the song live on Arirang’s Super K-pop.

What do you think about ONEWE’s re-debut era? It was really nice to see that they are in a good place now. They also have a good friendship with ONEUS as fellow labelmates in RBW Entertainment. Hopefully, in the future, ONEWE would have more amazing projects under RBW Entertainment! Pst, don’t forget that CyA was 19 years old when he re-debuted as a ONEWE member. At such a young age, seems like CyA just made a debut just like some other idols, instead of rebranding his band.

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