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ONF’s E-Tion’s Profile

Name: Lee Chang Yoon (이창윤) Stage Name: E-Tion (이션) Birthday: December 24th, 1994 Birthplace: Jeonju, South Korea Height: 174 cm (5’8″) Weight: 57 kg Zodiac: Capricorn Chinese Zodiac: Dog Blood Type: B MBTI: INFP Nationality: Korean Debut: 2017 Agency: WM Entertainment Occupation: Singer Group: ONF

ONF’s E-Tion’s Facts

To find out more about E-Tion, you have to read his facts. So, here are the interesting facts about him that you should know.

E-Tion has an older brother. He was a trainee for three years. His English name is Tommy. E-Tion can’t eat eggplant and spicy food. He is fluent in Japanese and Chinese. Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Justin Bieber, and Frank Ocean are his favorite international musicians. E-Tion with Wyatt appeared in B1A4‘s VCR “Feeling” as a cameo. He participated in the survival competition show MIXNINE but unfortunately, he was eliminated. E-Tion appeared as a back dancer in the Korean web drama Loss:Time:Life alongside J-US, Wyatt, and Hyojin. Orange and black are his favorite colors. He wants to go on vacation in Tokyo. E-Tion is really interested in fashion, he also says that if he hadn’t become a singer he would be working on his talent by studying fashion. Winter is his favorite season. He easily loses all the small things. Beef, pork, chicken, pizza, milk tea, raw fish, and sushi are his favorite foods. His eye smile and unique voice are his charming points. He is called the Fashion Leader, E Ti-On, and Changdol.

ONF’s E-Tion Pre Debut

When E-Tion performs on stage with ONF, he looks so sexy. Among the other members, E-Tion is also called the hottest but how was he before debuting? Has he been hot and sexy since he was young or not? So, here are E-Tion’s pre-debut photos! In the photo above, we can see his charming point in his eye smile. E-Tion doesn’t look sexy at all, but he looks very handsome and cute. Not only he looks handsome, but he is also very cute and perfect with long hair. His smile is too sweet so it makes people melt. There are no words that can describe the visuals, like the photo above where he looks really cool. If you want to see E-Tion’s audition video, you can click the video below.

ONF’s E-Tion’s Debut

E-Tion joined WM Entertainment three years before ONF’s debut. At first, ONF consisted of seven members, namely U, Wyatt, J-Us, Hyojin, Laun, MK, and E-Tion, but then in 2019, Laun decided to leave them. ONF released their first Extended Play (EP) on August 2nd, 2017, with the lead track “ON/OFF”. E-Tion’s group debuted using a futuristic and colorful concept, and their music video has now gained more than 2 million views. E-Tion got the position of lead vocalist because he has a unique and beautiful voice. ONF is divided into two subunits where each group consists of three members, the units are ON and OFF. E-Tion is part of the ON Team along with Hyojin and MK. E-Tion and the group’s career have been running smoothly since their debut, but in order to get more popularity they had to promote their group more, and then ONF decided to appear and participate in Road To Kingdom in 2020.

ONF’s E-Tion’s Focus Fancam

Fancam is a term known well among the public, especially among K-Pop fans. The term stands for a video that has been recorded by K-Pop fans with their own cameras or even the tv program’s camera, then uploaded on YouTube or other SNS. This has also happened with ONF’s E-Tion. His fans who missed his performance will be able to see it from the fancam that has been uploaded. So, here are E-Tion’s focus fancams that you have to see. The video above is E-Tion’s focus fancam where he was the contestant of Road To Kingdom with ONF. The video has been uploaded by Mnet’s YouTube channel and got more than 35 thousand views.


ONF’s E-Tion’s Tattoo

Unexpectedly, it turns out that E-Tion has a tattoo on one part of his body. His tattoo is located on his wrist and reads “WHPH”; this tattoo stands for “Work Hard Play Hard.” All his fans were shocked to see the tattoo on his right wrist; not only do they like his tattoo but many fans think that it suits him really well. One of his fans tweeted a photo of him taken during a Vlive, and that people said: “Well well, what do we have here? Do I see new hair color and tattoo on E-tion??? Fuse are okay? King is feeding us well…” – Netizens Even there is a fan who thinks that he has a new tattoo between his fingers, but if you look clearly it’s just like a ring. That’s all the information about ONF’s E-Tion that you should know. Now, what do you think about him? Is he really a talented idol? Don’t forget to write your answer in the comment section, and also follow our Twitter on @CKoreaOfficial to get more of our updates!

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