In this article, we’ll dive deep into the sea of information about the leader of the ON team, Hyojin, who is known for his soft leadership style! Check it out~  

Full Profile of ONF’s Hyojin

Stage Name: Hyojin (효진) Birth Name: Kim Hyo-jin (김효진) Birthday: April 22nd, 1994 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Height: 172.8cm (5’8″) Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs) Blood Type: O Nationality: Korean


ONF Hyojin’s Trivia

Hyojin was born in Seoul, South Korea. Hyojin is the second child in the family. Hyojin’s English name is Brandon. Hyojin has an older sister. Hyojin participated in Mnet’s MIXNINE, he finished in second place (but unfortunately, he didn’t get to debut). During the airing of Mnet’s MIXNINE, Hyojin was once rushed to the Emergency Room because he had gastritis, he also once had a nosebleed because he only got 40 minutes of sleep. Hyojin is good friends with J-Us, and they have been friends for ten years. Hyojin was chosen to be the center at Mnet’s MIXNINE, along with Soojin from Weeekly. Since Hyojin was in school, he already had a talent for singing and he has even won a singing competition at school. Deer and Bambi are his nicknames. Hyojin filled the position as the leader of the ON unit and the main vocalist of the ONF Hyojin’s training period is five years. ESFJ is Hyojin’s MBTI. Park Hyo-shin, Brown Eyed Soul, and Ariana Grande are Hyojin’s role models. Hyojin is a huge fan of DAY6. Hyojin is mainly exercising at home and he can achieve great results within a short period of time. Hyojin’s name’s meaning is the treasure of dawn. Hyojin appeared in the Korean web drama Loss:Time:Life as a dancer along with E-Tion, J-US, and Wyatt. Hyojin participated in many of ONF’s On Film dance videos. The things that he enjoys doing: singing, collecting shoes (Jordan’s), and listening to music. Hyojin can speak Japanese and Chinese. Red is Hyojin’s favorite color. Hyojin eats tasty food or goes shopping whenever he is stressed out. Hyojin’s got a talent for imitating the sound of echo in a singing room. After entering elementary school, Hyojin studied the piano for about four to five years at the suggestion of his mother. Hyojin practiced hard to increase his high notes. Hyojin has a cat allergy. Hyojin has the smallest hands in the group. When Hyojin’s stressed, he has a habit of biting his knuckles. When he’s singing, he has a habit of fiddling with the buttons on his clothing. Pork, rice soup, and pasta are Hyojin’s favorite foods. Because Hyojin likes to eat, he is very sensitive to an empty stomach. If Hyojin has a day off, he’d like to have a nice sleep and eat after waking up, then search for funny videos on the internet, and go shopping sometimes. Spring is Hyojin’s favorite season. Hyojin often craves Carbonara during his diet. Seven O’Clock‘s Hangyeom and Donghun of A.C.E are his close friends. Hyojin is a close friend of Monsta X’s Minhyuk and they both came from the same practical music academy. Hyojin got acquainted with SF9’s Inseong whom he appeared together with in MBC’s King of Mask Singer. Hyojin’s got tattoos on his right wrist and upper back. Hyojin would like to have the ability to freely teleport through time and space if he had a superpower. Hyojin’s dream is to be on a Japanese dome concert tour someday (after 10 years of debut). Hyojin would travel to the moon if he has the means. Hyojin hates receiving kisses from the other group members, he’ll try to avoid it hard. “Eat delicious food and let’s not do things that we will regret,” is his motto. Hyojin described his ideal type as someone who likes everything about him and who is very understanding.


Hyojin’s Official Debut with ONF

Hyojin made his debut with ONF on August 3rd, 2017, after completing five years of training at WM Entertainment. Originally, ONF consisted of seven members: Hyojin, J-US, E-Tion, Wyatt, MK, U, and Laun. But, the latter chose to leave the group on August 23rd, 2019. ONF debuted with the lead single “ON/OFF”. ONF is divided into two units based on its name, On unit and Off unit, where each unit has its own leader. The Off unit is led by J-Us and the On unit is lead by Hyojin himself. Their fandom is called Fuse, which has a relation with the name ONF (ON/OFF). Fuse or fuses are useful to protect the switch from short-circuiting, so similarly, ONF hopes that the fans and them can always protect each other. In 2018, the group also went together to participate in the Mnet survival show MIXNINE where Hyojin shone and even got the center position in the show. He ended up finishing at 2nd place though, so he didn’t get to debut in the final project group since it got canceled. Check out Hyojin and ONF’s debut MV below!


ONF’s Hyojin’s Visual and Personality

Visually, Hyojin has ideal features with a small face, a cute appearance resembling a baby deer Bambi, and long eyelashes. On top of that, he has a cute set of front teeth that resemble cartoon characters. Personality-wise, many people said that Hyojin has a friendly personality to everyone around him. According to ONF members, at a first glance, it may seem like Hyojin nags a lot. But, underneath all of his fussiness, he likes to take care of each and every member carefully.

Another personality trait that got highlighted is that he is meticulous in nature, and he is a perfectionist. He tends to do things until he feels satisfied, so that’s why he practices a lot. During his trainee years, he practiced steadily for 3–6 hours every day, and it still continues after his debut. He also studied hard for foreign languages. Although he has to keep his image as a leader, he actually likes to play around while teasing the younger group members. His playfulness earned him the nickname Hyojin-chan, and his Choding-like visual also helped boost his nickname.

Put Hyojin in any room and the atmosphere will turn brighter!