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ONF’s MK’s Profile

Name: Park Min Kyun (박민균) Stage Name: MK (엠케이) English Name: Tony Birthday: November 16th, 1995 Birthplace: Anyang, South Korea Height: 178 cm (5’10”) Weight: 66 kg Year of Debut: 2017 Group: ONF Agency: WM Entertainment Blood Type: AB Zodiac: Scorpio Chinese Zodiac: Pig Nationality: Korean Occupation: Singer

ONF’s MK’s Facts

ONF’s MK was a trainee for seven years. ONF’s MK was a former trainee of Starship Entertainment. Kkyuni, Cat Butler, and Lemon are among ONF’s MK’s nicknames. ONF’s MK has an older sister and a younger brother. ONF’s MK grew up in Ilsan, South Korea. ENFP is ONF’s MK’s MBTI type. ONF’s MK’s representative animal is the cat. ONF’s MK can speak Chinese and Japanese. ONF’s MK really likes cats, so his hobby is taking care of them. Among the other ONF’s MK hobbies are listening to music while sleeping, composing music, and playing the guitar. Bossam and pork cutlet are ONF’s MK’s favorite foods. ONF’s MK loves autumn. ONF’s MK has two cats and a dog. ONF’s MK can imitate an elephant sound. ONF’s MK doesn’t like durian, sashimi, sushi, green tea, and all spicy food. ONF’s MK contributed a lot to making ONF’s songs. He has written the lyrics for plenty of his group’s songs, such as “Good Good”, “Swimming Sukhumvit”, “Geppetto”, and “Message”. ONF’s MK also helped in composing “New World”, “Why”, “Asteroid”, “Geppetto”, and “Swimming Sukhumvit”. ONF’s MK used to be a contestant of YG Entertainment’s survival MIXNINE. He was eliminated in 22nd place. ONF’s MK has cute dimples. ONF’s MK’s mother is an owner of a coffee shop.

ONF’s MK’s Ideal Type

ONF’s MK is a person who has a funny, sweet, and kind personality. All his fans say that he is one of the ONF members who are good at aegyo; even all the ONF members agree that he is as cute as a cat. MK is really handsome and also has a strong charisma in attracting all women’s hearts. But not every woman can be chosen to be his girlfriend, he also has his own ideal type. Based on his personality, he only has one type in choosing a partner that is someone who has a pretty smile.

ONF’s MK Pre Debut

Although he is a lead vocalist and sub-rapper in his group, he also has good visuals. He is really sweet and handsome; moreover, his cute dimples can be seen when he smiles. MK is also a very pleasant person, so it’s no wonder that everyone loves him. But, has his cute face been seen since he was a kid? And how was he before debuting? Don’t worry, we have already provided all his pre-debut or even childhood photos to satisfy your curiosity. Check them out! In the photo above, MK has blonde hair, similar to many K-pop trainees at that time. He looks so energetic, confident, and young! Unlike the previous photo, in this photo, his hair is dark brown and he wears piercings so he looks cool and sweet! Apparently, since childhood, MK has had a handsome and cute visual! What do you think about ONF’s MK’s childhood photos?

ONF’s MK’s Focus Fancam

It seems that all K-Pop fans already know about this term. A fancam is a video that is recorded and then uploaded by K-Pop fans with the aim of watching their favorite idols over and over again. Fancams are divided into two types: the first one is a fancam for a group, and the second one is an individual member’s, or often called an individual focus fancam. Regarding this, we have linked some videos of ONF’s MK’s performances below. Here are some of ONF’s MK’s focus fancams.

So, that’s all the information about ONF’s MK: from his full profile to his focus fancams. After reading this article, what do you think about him? Please kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial and share this article with your friends!

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