ONF’s U’s Profile

Stage Name: U (Hangeul: 유) Birth Name: Mizuguchi Yuto (みずぐちゆと) Birthday: March 16th, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Height: 170 cm (5’7″) Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs) Blood Type: AB Nationality: Japanese

30 Facts About ONF’s U

  1. ONF’s U was born in OSAKA, Japan.
  2. ONF’s U’s nicknames include Kim Yuto, Cocoball, and Dancing Machine.
  3. ONF’s U’s MBTI is ISFJ.
  4. ONF’s U can speak Japanese and Korean.
  5. ONF’s U’s favorite musician is Justin Bieber.
  6. ONF’s U was training for a year before his debut.
  7. ONF’s U’s hobbies are cycling and listening to music.
  8. ONF’s U’s favorite foods are kimbap, spicy food, bread.
  9. ONF’s U’ doesn’t like eating something difficult to eat like meat with bones.
  10. ONF’s U used to do a part-time job at a pork belly restaurant while learning Korean.
  11. ONF’s U is a former JYP Entertainment trainee.
  12. ONF’s U has two brothers.
  13. ONF’s U’s favorite seasons are autumn and spring.
  14. ONF’s U hates bugs such as cockroaches.
  15. ONF’s U enjoys walks to release stress.
  16. ONF’s U is friends with Pentagon’s Yuto, TWICE’s Sana.
  17. Apart from being a singer, ONF’s U even wants to be a dance teacher.
  18. ONF’s U stopped on rank 23 when participating in the survival show MIXNINE.
  19. ONF’s U has the best handwriting among the group members.
  20. ONF’s U’s signature is delicate dancing.
  21. ONF’s U often goes to karaoke.
  22. If ONF’s U has a superpower, he would like it to be teleportation to get home as much as he can.
  23. ONF’s U chose Europe as a vacation destination.
  24. ONF’s U thinks of himself as shy and often feels awkward in conversations.
  25. ONF’s U doesn’t have a favorite color.
  26. ONF’s U was a member of a dance crew in Japan when he was a kid.
  27. When ONF’s U was on a diet, he thought about chicken.
  28. ONF’s U’s life motto is: “Let’s live nicely.”
  29. ONF’s U is a member of the OFF subunit.
  30. ONF’s U is the youngest member of the group after Laun’s departure in August 2019.

ONF’s U Pre Debut

U has shown his talent in dancing since he was a kid, he joined a dance academy in Japan. He definitely knows what he wants to be and sharpens his skill. U actively joined survival/competition shows before debut. Check out ONF’s U’s pre-debut journey in the section below.

ONF’s U is a Former Trainee of JYP

His graceful dancing is probably one of the reasons he got offered a trainee position in JYP Entertainment. To be accepted as a trainee in one of the big entertainment agencies in South Korea is not easy. U has become close to some of the trainees in JYP Entertainment that are now already stars, like TWICE’s Sana and Pentagon’s Yuto.

ONF’s U’s Participation in Mixnine

In 2017, U participated in the JTBC survival show MIXNINE along with all six members of ONF. However, U only appeared until episode 13 and got rank 23rd. The show itself was held between the founder of YG Entertainment and JTBC.

ONF’s U’s Participation in Dance War

Moreover, in 2018 U joined a dance competition held by 1theK titled Dance War. U was eliminated in the second round because of the smallest number of votes for his performances. He performed SEVENTEEN’s “Clap”. Although he got the fewest votes, he got the highest score from SEVENTEEN’s choreography director who was also a judge.

ONF’s U’s Debut

U finally debuted with ONF that stands for On and Off under WM Entertainment. ONF consists of six members: Hyojin, E-Tion, J-Us, Wyatt, MK, and U. On August 2nd, 2017, they debuted with the single “ON/OFF”. On their next comeback, U contributed to making the choreography of their songs “Why” and “Twinkle” from the album Go Live. It’s obvious, U is incredibly passionate about dancing.

ONF’s U’s Focus Fancam of “Ugly Dance”

Look at his dancing in “Ugly Dance” is what led him to many hits to his skills in dancing. The moves are so interesting. What do you think?

ONF’s U’s Ideal Type

U stated that his ideal type is someone that makes him like him no matter the reason; he doesn’t describe a specific character or physical appearance. If you want to know more about ONF, check out their Instagram official, and get a fresh update of their activities. That’s all about ONF’s U’s profile, pre-debut, fun facts, his incredible dancing, and more. Keep supporting U in his career and kindly share your thoughts about ONF’s U in the comment section below!

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