“Oxygen” is a song recorded by Twice in 2019 and then released in 2020. It was released on June 1st, 2020, through JYP Entertainment and Republic Records. This song served as the second track of their tenth extended play (EP) titled More & More. “Oxygen” was the first side-track of the six side tracks included in this EP. It was put right after “More & More”, the lead single from the tracklist. To introduce this side-track, the agency of Twice, JYP Entertainment released the highlight medley video of this EP album. This video showed the highlighted part of every song in this EP album, including “Oxygen”. The full version of this song can be listened through the EP album, Twice’s official YouTube channel, and their Spotify. You can listen to the song by clicking the video below.

The highlighted part of “Oxygen” was revealed in the highlight medley video. You can see the highlight medley, here.

Background of “Oxygen”

On April 20th, 2020, many Korean media sites reported that Twice were in their finishing steps of preparing their upcoming album. Those media sites also reported that the girls were shooting in a music studio. Those unofficial reports were confirmed quickly by JYP Entertainment right the next day on April 21st. A week later (April 28th), Twice did a press conference for their YouTube original series. Through this series titled “TWICE: Seize the Light”, one of the members, Jihyo, officially told the public that the next comeback would take place on June 1st. After that, the other members revealed that their next single would be titled “More & More”. The physical album preview was shared on May 7th. Through this preview, it was revealed that their next album would have the same title as the lead single, More & More. This preview consisted of the covers, photo books, postcards, coaster cards, and posters of the album. Other album spoilers were released from May 14th to May 23rd, including the group photos, the jacket-making film, the individual concept photos, and concept films for each member. In the middle of these ten days of releasing the spoilers, they also revealed the tracklist poster on May 18th. This is the tracklist poster of the More & More EP album. From this tracklist poster, we could see that some members even participated in writing some side-tracks. It was also revealed that the lead single was composed by Uzoechi Emenike, Julia Michaels, and Zara Larsson. After May 23rd, they kept releasing trailers, concept photos, and teasers from May 24th until May 29th. On May 30th, they released a highlight medley video of this EP album. “Oxygen” was also previewed in this highlight medley video. On the next day, on May 31st, the girl group revealed a second video of the behind-the-scenes process of making this EP album. It was when the month of June had finally arrived in 2020, the long-awaited EP album was finally released. The full versions of all the songs were also released through Twice’s official YouTube and Spotify, also on that day (June 1st). After the release, the girls promoted the lead single in various music programs.

Story of “Oxygen”

The More & More EP album consists of one lead single and seven side-tracks. “Oxygen” is one of the side tracks; its lyrics were written by JQ and Jeong Ilkwon from Makeumine Works. Johan Gustafsson and Josefin Glenmark composed this song. Gustafsson also participated as the arranger of this song. This song is about describing a romantic feeling. It starts as an innocent affection, and develops until it becomes a fiery love. Through the individual 60-second speed interviews uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube, many members shared their comments about this song. Nayeon, Sana, Jihyo, and Mina confessed that they liked this song the most from this EP album. Jihyo also added in her 60-second speed interview that in her opinion, this song was the toughest song to record from this EP album.

MV of “Oxygen”

As a side track, there’s no music video released for the song “Oxygen”. The only music video that is available from this EP album is the music video for the lead single “More & More”.

“Oxygen” Performance

On June 20th, 2020, Twice performed this song once on a Facebook live stage that was held by Acuvue. At that time, Twice members were doing a commercial with Acuvue. They helped Acuvue to promote one of their contact lens products named Acuvue Define. During the commercial period, the members were given the chance to perform one of their newest songs on a live stage. They performed “Oxygen” on the live stage. Because there’s no choreography for this song, the members performed the song by sitting in a high-spinning chair. You can see their performance by clicking the fan-made video, here.

“Oxygen” Achievements

This song has charted in several song charts in various countries. You can see the table below for the song’s peak position in every chart.

Oxygen  2020  by Twice - 66Oxygen  2020  by Twice - 2