P1Harmony’s Jongseob’s Profile

Stage Name: Jongseob (Hangeul: 종섭) Birth Name: Kim Jong-seob (Hangeul:김종섭) Chinese Name: Jin Zhongxie (金仲燮) Position: Rapper, Dancer, Maknae Birthday: November 19th, 2005 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean

20 Facts About P1Harmony’s Jongseob

  1. Jongseob likes to write songs.
  2. Jongseob’s hobbies are biking, skateboarding, and playing games.
  3. Jongseob loves eating any food, except seaweed.
  4. Jongseob’s favorite facial feature is the shape of his eyes.
  5. Jongseob’s favorite movies are Les Miserable, Harry Potter, and Maze Runner.
  6. Jongseob’s favorite song is “Cold Blood” by Bruno Major.
  7. Talking about fashion items, Jongseob likes black jeans and necklaces the most.
  8. Jongseob’s life motto is: “Cold head, hot heart.”
  9. When Jongseob auditioned, he sang “Turn Up The Music” by Chris Brown.
  10. Jongseob’s favorite musician is Penomeco.
  11. Jongseob literally means a person who lives passionately like a firework and resonates widely in the world.
  12. Jongseob started dreaming of becoming a singer after watching B.A.P’s “Warrior” performance on a music show.
  13. Jongseob’s dream on stage is to be happy with many audiences.
  14. Jongseob was revealed as the sixth member of the boy group P1Harmony.
  15. Jongseob’s character is realistic yet eloquent, easy-going, and cheerful.
  16. Jongseob wants people to see his work as inspiration through music in their difficult times.
  17. Jongseob’s MBTI type is INTJ, The Architect. It stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging.
  18. Jongseob also wants to travel the world with family and perform at the year-end award stage.
  19. Jongseob was born in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
  20. Jongseob’s birthday is on the same date as LOONA’s Gowon and Lovelyz’s Sujeong.

P1Harmony’s Jongseob’s Focus Fancams

Look at his focus camera, his singing is complementary to his dancing. What do you think?

P1Harmony’s Jongseob Pre Debut

Jongseon’s appearance when he was young is undeniably cute. Here is his photo, what do you think? Jongseob actually took part in some survival shows prior to his debut with P1Harmony. He was keen to execute his dream to become a singer. He participated in K-Pop Star 6 and YG Treasure Box, some of the popular survival shows on television. Check out more about his achievements prior to debuting below.

P1Harmony’s Jongseob in K-pop Star 6

Jongseob was a participant in K-pop Star 6 from December 2016 to April 2017. He was performing as a duo named, Boyfriend, with Park Hyun-jin on this competition show. Through this duo, they become the winners of K-pop Star 6. Cool, isn’t it? Right after his winning, he was offered a contract to become a trainee of YG Entertainment. But, his partner, Park Hyun-jin, after his realization of a different style of music, decided to leave the company. However, Jongseob still remained with YG Entertainment as a trainee.

P1Harmony’s Jongseob in YG Treasure Box

After joining YG Entertainment as a trainee, Jongseob challenged himself to participate in another survival show, YG Treasure Box, from November 2018 to January 2019. He joined Group C, however, Jongseon was eliminated in Episode 9, which prevented him from debuting with the project group TREASURE.

P1Harmony’s Jongseob’s Debut

Later on, Jongseon left YG Entertainment, but he never stopped chasing after his dream to debut. He signed a contract with FNC Entertainment and finally debuted with P1 Harmony on October 28th, 2020. He became the lead rapper of the group, as his skills in rapping are excellent. From time to time on his pre-debut survival shows, his rapping would turn bizarre. Jongseob was revealed as the sixth member of the group, which is the last one. Super excited to see him finally reach his dream!

P1Harmony’s Jongseob’s Instagram

On his Instagram, Jongseob mentioned that he has been on a hiatus from uploading his updates on Instagram. He stated that he will be more active on the group account rather than his personal account. He promised to show his activity and his performances on the P1Harmony official group account. He also said thank you for all the support.

P1Harmony’s Jongseob’s Career

Surprisingly, other than idol activity, Jongseon even debuted as an actor in the movie A New World Begins playing the role of a genius engineer. His performance as a member of the boy group P1Harmony is on their debut MV below!

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