After pledging to take on as many roles as she can, who knew that Park Gyu-young graduated from a prestigious college in South Korea, Yonsei University. Though she graduated from the Clothing and Textile Department, her appearance as a model in magazines drew attention from entertainment companies. Later, she joined JYP Entertainment as a trainee. In the entertainment industry, the question about relationship status and, furthermore, ideal type often comes out in interviews. Fans are always curious about a celebrity’s ideal type. Do you wonder about Park Gyu–young’s relationship status and her ideal type? Let’s find out here!

Park Gyu-young Never Dated Publicly

She began her career as a model in singer Jo Kwon’s music video and became a cameo in several dramas before landing in a hit drama. Park Gyu-young seemingly prefers to be low-key about her love life. Since her debut in 2016, there have been no rumors about her dating someone whether it’s a commoner or celebrity. It seems that for now, Park Gyu-young is more focused on getting her career going strongly and increasing her popularity in the entertainment industry.

Park Gyu-young Would Like Someone She Can Be Comfortable With

Though there’s no news about Park Gyu-young dating someone, she didn’t shy away from telling people who her ideal type is. She said in one interview that one celebrity that became her ideal type is Gong Yoo. But, aside from him, she said that she likes someone who is humorous and kind. She also said that her ideal type is someone that she can comfortably lean on so they can have a comfortable relationship and she can share joy, sorrow, and difficulties just like with a longtime friend.

Park Gyu-young About Her Dating Style

When it comes to dating style, Park Gyu-young doesn’t have a particular dating style except that she prefers to get along with someone who shares similar values and personalities. It’s also might be difficult for her to date someone who is the complete opposite. Her statement came after she played the character Dal Ri who pairs with Kim Min Jae as Moo Hak. They both have different backgrounds and personalities but could open their hearts to each other. Though she thinks that Dal Ri and Moo Hak’s relationship is beautiful, for her, she prefers someone who has a similar personality to hers.

Park Gyu-young’s Story About Working With Several Actors and Who She Is Comfortable With

Being an actress, Park Gyu-young surely has worked with several actors. Among the actors she has worked with, there are some that she is comfortable working with to the point that if there’s another chance, she would work together with them again. Among the actors she would like to work with again, Kim Min Jae who worked with her in Dal Ri and Cocky Prince is one actor that she can comfortably work together with. She said that Kim Min Jae is a strong and dependable person. He also gives a lot of energy as an actor. She also found it comfortable to work with Oh Jung Se who played Moon Sang Tae as he was a mood maker on the set. She conveyed that she would like to work with him if there’s a chance. The rising actress Park Gyu-young is surely catching the public’s eye with her performances, and while she barely opened up about her relationship status, her work as an actress is something we can wait for. If you’re interested in Park Gyu-young, you can read more information about her on Channel Korea. Don’t forget to share this article on Twitter so more people can love Park Gyu-young!

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