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PENTAGON’s Shinwon’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Shinwon (신원) Birth Name: Ko Shin Won (고신원) Birthday: December 11th, 1995 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Height: 184 cm (6’0″) Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs) Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean

PENTAGON’s Shinwon’s Facts

PENTAGON’s Shinwon has an older sister named Yejin. PENTAGON’s Shinwon has even worked part-time in a BWCW store. PENTAGON’s Shinwon was cast as a street model for LEFAS. PENTAGON’s Shinwon has talked about himself as a visual. PENTAGON’s Shinwon has broad shoulders. PENTAGON’s Shinwon has a hot temper. PENTAGON’s Shinwon often strips. PENTAGON’s Shinwon loves to eat at McDonald’s, especially hamburgers. PENTAGON’s Shinwon is afraid of animals. PENTAGON’s Shinwon is fashionable. PENTAGON’s Shinwon claimed that he is a romantic person even though he looks like a player. PENTAGON’s Shinwon’s most attractive trait is honesty. PENTAGON’s Shinwon’s hobby is lying down. PENTAGON’s Shinwon’s bad habit is biting his nails. PENTAGON’s Shinwon was a cameo in the drama Age of Youth 2 along with Jinho, Kino, Yeo One, Yuto, and Wooseok. PENTAGON’s Shinwon is a fan of Jimin from BTS. PENTAGON’s Shinwon now has his own room in Pentagon’s dorm, but back in the past he and Kino were roommates. PENTAGON’s Shinwon is not part of the initial lineup of Pentagon, he was an additional member after Pentagon Maker. Indeed, he is also a talented one! PENTAGON’s Shinwon was initially eliminated from Pentagon Maker. PENTAGON’s Shinwon contributed to writing and producing some Pentagon songs including “Alien”, “Just Do It Yo”, “Round 1”, and “Round 2”. PENTAGON’s Shinwon can play the piano and the guitar, both electric and acoustic. PENTAGON’s Shinwon of his most iconic moments is when his voice cracked while singing “Shine” on a radio show. PENTAGON’s Shinwon appeared in one of Jinho’s “Magazine Ho” videos, where he played the song “(Kotobani Dekinai)/Oda Kazumasa”. PENTAGON’s Shinwon is part of the Extra Squad with Hongseok, which is one of the memorable funny poses in the Pentagon photos. PENTAGON’s Shinwon position in Pentagon is a vocalist. PENTAGON’s Shinwon speaks basic English and Japanese. PENTAGON’s Shinwon’s good at making pranks. PENTAGON’s Shinwon is able to cover the dance to “How is This” and “Lip and Hip” by Hyuna. PENTAGON’s Shinwon’s favorite Pentagon song is “Like This” because of the lyrics: “I will keep running.” One of PENTAGON’s Shinwon’s favorite songs is “Thank You” by Jinho and Hui. PENTAGON’s Shinwon got the nickname The Nudity King because he is not shy about taking off his clothes, even when he is on a live broadcast. PENTAGON’s Shinwon doesn’t like animals, especially dogs. PENTAGON’s Shinwon aspires to be a manager if he wants to have a job. In 2018 and 2019 PENTAGON’s Shinwon was a model in the Seoul Fashion Week. PENTAGON’s Shinwon is a fan of Harry Styles and One Direction. PENTAGON’s Shinwon joined a drama titled Elite School Uniform, with several other Pentagon members and IOI members. Ex-Gugudan’s Sejeong is his girlfriend in the drama. PENTAGON’s Shinwon has the smallest hands in Pentagon, they are 17.1 cm/6.7 in. PENTAGON’s Shinwon loves to eat salted shrimp, he could eat it as one meal for the rest of his life. PENTAGON’s Shinwon can wrap his arm around his back therefore he can touch his belly button. In Weekly Idol, PENTAGON’s Shinwon tried to sing a Kim Dong version of Pentagon’s song “Humph” but he failed. PENTAGON’s Shinwon is one of the tallest members of Pentagon along with Wooseok, Yanan, and Yuto. PENTAGON’s Shinwon’s girl type is someone who is cute and has a round face.

Pentagon’s Shinwon’s Pre-debut Story

Shinwon was working part-time in the BWCW store. He got cast as a street model for LEFAS several times. Developing a passion for an entertainment career, he joined Pentagon Maker, the survival show that was created to launch Pentagon, but he was eliminated at first. Yet. At the end of the show, he became the additional member to debut with the final lineup of Pentagon.

Shinwon’s Debut with PENTAGON

Shinwon debuted as a Pentagon member along with 10 other members, including the eliminated member E’Dawn, Shinwon, and Yan An on October 10th, 2016. They released the lead single “Gorilla” for the debut showcase. On October 24th, Shinwon got a knee injury during a promotion so he couldn’t join the rest of the promotional schedule. Shinwon was also appointed as a vocalist and rapper of the group. Pentagon were able to make the number seven position on music charts, namely the Gaon Chart, and also they stayed in the top 10 the following weeks.  

Pentagon’s Shinwon and Wooseok’s Broadcast

Shinwon and Wooseok began to make a broadcast about “Bunny SHINWON & WOOSEOK’s Carrot Eating Day!” He and the other Pentagon member communicate with their fans while playing the computer game Super Bunny Man and hang out with them. They were showing enthusiasm during the multiplayer game. So hilarious! Moreover, they also did a video reaction of the recent Road to Kingdom performances including Block B’s “Very Good” and a medley stage of their songs “Shine” and “Spring Snow”. Such a fun interaction! They admitted to facing difficulties in gathering all the members, “We couldn’t say that Hui will be doing that part instead because we wanted to do a surprise video, so all that Hui could say was that we told him to do it,” Shinwon said, adding that Jinho was insisting on doing the part of “Will the spring snow come?” At least, this broadcasting has been a breath of fresh air for their fans. Indeed!   That’s all about Shinwon from Pentagon and his career journey. Keep supporting his upcoming projects. Don’t forget to drop a line with your comment and share your thoughts in the section below!

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