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Pentagon’s Yeo One’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Yeo One (여원) Birth Name: Yeo Chang Gu (여창구) Position: Lead Vocalist Birthday: March 27th, 1996 Zodiac Sign: Aries Height: 179 cm (5’10.5″) Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs) Blood Type: B Nationality: Korean MBTI: ESFJ-A

Pentagon’s Yeo One’s Facts

Pentagon’s Yeo One is originally from Daejeon Gwangyeoksi Central, South Korea. Pentagon’s Yeo One has an older sister. Pentagon’s Yeo One appeared in G.NA’s “Secret” MV and promotional activities. Pentagon’s Yeo One also took part in BEAST’s Dongwoon’s “KIMISHIKA” MV. Pentagon’s Yeo One collaborated and contributed to Rainbow Concert, the concert for mentally disabled children. Pentagon’s Yeo One has even modeled along with HyunA for Clride.n. Pentagon’s Yeo One has a talent for acting. Pentagon’s Yeo One is diligent, very talkative, and has a nice personality. Pentagon’s Yeo One watches a lot of dramas, can dance well, and is a good swimmer. Pentagon’s Yeo One is a huge fan of Jung Jun-il from MATE and knows all of his solo songs and songs he’s featured in. Pentagon’s Yeo One’s favorite color is black because it’s chic. Cho Inseong is Pentagon’s Yeo One’s role model. Pentagon’s Yeo One’s favorite song is “Etude of Memory” by Kim Dong-ryul. Pentagon’s Yeo One’s favorite drama is That Winter, The Wind Blows, whereas his favorite movie is About Time. Pentagon’s Yeo One can mimic a wooden percussion sound. Pentagon’s Yeo One even modeled for CLRIDE.n in 2015. Pentagon’s Yeo One played a supporting role in the web drama Spark (2016) and Yuto, Hui, E’Dawn, and Wooseok also made an appearance in the drama. Pentagon’s Yeo One also made a cameo appearance in the drama Age of Youth 2 along with Shinwon, Jinho, Kino, Yuto, and Wooseok. Pentagon’s Yeo One acted in the KBS Musical Drama Chosun Beauty Competition. Pentagon’s Yeo One shares a room with Yan An in Pentagon’s dorm. Pentagon’s Yeo One’s girl type is someone with a positive mindset. Pentagon’s Yeo One is a pet lover, he especially loves dogs. Pentagon’s Yeo One was active as a band member in his high school. Pentagon’s Yeo One loves ASMR and enjoys making his own videos. Pentagon’s Yeo One is very emphatic toward the other members and is slightly more emotional than the others. Pentagon’s Yeo One has released several solo songs he helped to produce, including “Hope”, “To-Do List”, “Todak Todak”, and “Her Voice”. Pentagon’s Yeo One has a habit of making a lot of hand gestures when expressing himself. Pentagon’s Yeo One likes to ask people “Have you eaten?” Photography is one of Pentagon’s Yeo One’s hobbies. Cotton swab is Pentagon’s Yeo One’s favorite item that he can’t live without. To be able to work at a travel agency is one of Pentagon’s Yeo One’s dreams if he wasn’t an idol. The one superpower Pentagon’s Yeo One desires is teleportation. Pentagon’s Yeo One recharges and motivates himself by performing and getting to see his fans. Bibimbap is the food that Pentagon’s Yeo One can eat for the rest of his life. Pentagon’s Yeo One likes Day6‘s song titled “I Smile”. Pentagon’s Yeo One appeared in Jinho’s YouTube series, where they sang “Uphill Road” by Yoon Jong-shin. Pentagon’s Yeo One was the lead actor in the drama The Witch Store. Pentagon’s Yeo One became a cameo in the drama Somehow Family in 2020.

Pentagon’s Yeo One’s Pre-debut Story

Yeo One was born on March 27th, 1996, in Daejeon, South Korea. He was a band member during his high school years and joined a band competition. In December 2013, he took part in a special stage dance with Hui, E’Dawn, and Kino at the KBS Song Festival. Several times, he appeared in G.NA’s MV “Secret” and promotional activities. He actively started his journey from zero level, and finally could debut with PENTAGON.

Yeo One’s Debut with PENTAGON

Yeo One took the courage to participate in the Mnet reality survival program titled Pentagon Maker, where the result of the program would be the debut of a boy band. On October 10th, 2016, he became a member of PENTAGON that performed “Gorilla” as an Extended Play in M! Countdown. Besides being the singer of PENTAGON, he has also contributed to the income of some web dramas and musical dramas, for example, Joseon Beauty Pageant that is set during the Joseon Dynasty, where he plays the main character; and Welcome to the Witch Shop web drama where he also plays a leading role. The story of this drama is also interesting, the customers who come to this shop only see what they desire. In 2019, Yeo One also joined the novel Youth, Beautiful Youth by Hermann Hesse through Naver Audio Clip Audiobook. He is really active in his solo career and sharpening his skills in acting. Pentagon’s Yeo One’s Acting Career Recently, in 2020 Yeo One joined the cast of the small screen drama Somehow Family, as the fictionalized version of himself. It aired in March 2020 but because of the non-payment, it was suspended after only two episodes. Filming resumed, but Yeon One had a schedule conflict with his boy group activities so he got replaced with Shin Wo-ho of Cross Gene. In August 2020, Yeo One was cast as Nigel Bottom for the Korean adaptation of the comedy musical titled Something Rotten! that aired from August 7th to October 18th. This drama is about a couple who runs accommodations near the airport and Yeo One becomes a regular customer since he is a flight attendant. Moreover, he also became the cover model of the September issue of Men’s Health Korea. Cool! That’s all about Yeo One from Pentagon and his career journey. Keep supporting his upcoming projects and don’t forget to kindly write down your comment and share your thoughts in the section below!

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