Perfect World (Studio Album) by Twice

  Perfect World is TWICE’s fifth Japanese studio album. The album was released in July 2021 with its title track “Perfect World.” The album also includes previously released singles such as “Kura-Kura,” “Fanfare,” and “Better.” The album successfully put the group into the No.1 position on the Japanese music chart Oricon.

Story Behind Perfect World by TWICE

It was first reported by ORICON News on May 19th, 2021, that TWICE would be releasing a new Japanese album sometime in the summer. In the same report, it was also mentioned that previously released tracks such as “Better,” “Kura-Kura,” and “Fanfare” would be included in the album. TWICE’s latest Japanese album Perfect World was officially announced on June 12th, 2021, through a news release posted on TWICE Japan’s official website. On June 22nd, 2021, the official tracklist for this album was published on TWICE Japan’s website. Two teasers for the title track “Perfect World” were uploaded on June 28th. A day later, The title track “Perfect World” was pre-released as a single track along with its music video. The album’s information video was uploaded on July 6th, 2021. The video contains information about the special content of the physical album.

The spoiler video for “Perfect World” which contained the album’s track preview was uploaded on YouTube on July 7th, 2021. From July 17th to July 27th, teaser photos of individual members were posted on TWICE’s Japanese Twitter account. At the same time, all members also posted solo dance videos on TWICE’s TikTok account as a part of the album’s promotional activities. The album Perfect World was officially launched on July 28th, 2021, through digital music platforms. The physical album was also available on the same day.

The Production of Perfect World by TWICE

Prior to the album’s release, JYP Entertainment uploaded track previews on YouTube. Check them out below!

  Perfect World consists of ten tracks that also feature many different genres. Most of the tracks are Japanese pop, but they also include R&B, hip hop, bubblegum pop, and ballad. The album also pursued an elegant and chic concept in the album photoshoots. The title track “Perfect World” was written by Risa Horie and produced by Lacnd, Lee Woo-min, Jean, and Justin Reinstein. The track is an upbeat pop song with a hint of tango and rock. It’s a catchy and fierce beat that will make anyone start to dance. The sidetracks of Perfect World were produced by many prolific Japanese, Korean, and international musicians such as J.Y. Park, SAAY, Mayu Wakisaka, Yu Shimoji, Lee Woo-min (collapsedone), Isaac Han, and Ellen Berg. Different from any previous album that has been released, Perfect World put its focus on conveying various concepts of love. In this case, TWICE did not only emphasize lyrics on romantic love but also about a sense of affection towards friends, family, and beloved fans. It is also important to note that no TWICE members contributed to the songwriting process of any song on this album. 

Tracklist of Perfect World by TWICE

JYP Entertainment and Warner Music Japan released the official tracklist for Perfect World on October 25th, 2019, through Twitter and TWICE Japan’s official website. Check out the list below for the details.  

Chart Positions of Perfect World by TWICE

The album reached top positions on Japanese music charts shortly after its debut. Perfect World also became one of the best-selling albums from TWICE with more than 40,000 copies sold on its first day of release. Here is the achievement list of TWICE’s Perfect World album.

Weekly Charts

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