Warner Music Japan released Twice‘s fifth studio album officially on July 28, 2021, with the title Perfect World. This album contains 10 songs with the title track of the same name, “Perfect World.” Perfect World was released in 3 editions. They are the Regular Edition as a digital download, streaming format, and CD single format, Limited Edition A in CD + DVD format, and Limited Edition B in CD format. Before the album Perfect World was released on July 28, 2021, 4 singles had already been released. “Fanfare” and “Better” were released on July 8 and November 18 in 2020, “Kura Kura” and “Perfect World” were released on May 12 and June 29 in 2021. Apart from these 4 songs, the other 6 songs are “Good at Love,” “Four-Leaf Clover,” “In the Summer,” “Pieces of Love,” “Thank You Family,” and “Promise.” “Pieces of Love” is the eighth track on the album Perfect World. This J-pop genre song is a song that really motivates and inspires listeners.

Background of “Pieces of Love”

“Pieces of Love” is a song that contains the motivation to respect and love the differences in every human being like skin color and human body shapes that are diverse. This song with a very catchy beat is a song that gives a very positive message to the listeners. The “Pieces of Love” lyrics were written by a Japanese songwriter, Lauren Karoi. The song’s music was composed by Isaac Han, EJAE, Albin Nordqvist, Walter Pok, and Aaron Kim. “Pieces of Love” was also arranged by Isaac Han, Walter Pok, and Aaron Kim.

A Very Inspiring and Motivating Song

In addition to being easy-listening songs, Twice’s songs are also known for their beautiful lyrics. The song “Pieces of Love” is not a song that tells about a romantic love story, but this song has very sweet lyrics. Besides inviting listeners to respect the differences of every human being, this song also inspires listeners to love themselves and accept themselves when they feel weak. This is shown by the lyrics in the verse sung by Dahyun and Chaeyoung: Be bold, you are beautiful love yourself When you realize that Everyone around you will also love you Let’s go through every pain And dance in the rain, it’s a mystery but You’re as kind as you are today Because of the tears you’ve shed Those are very sweet lyrics, aren’t they? Not only that but there are other lyrics that are also very inspiring in the bridge part of the song sung by Dahyun, Mina, and Chaeyoung: We are here to be loved Every color and shape Everyone is a masterpiece Don’t forget So, I wanna sing this song for you This song has sweet, powerful, and very inspiring lyrics, right? Lauren Karoi wrote the absolutely incredible lyrics for the album Perfect World!

Audio of “Pieces of Love”

Twice didn’t make a music video for “Pieces of Love.” The audio of this song was released on Twice’s Youtube channel on July 28, 2021. This song has been listened to more than 366 thousand times and has received 23 thousand likes. Let’s listen to the “Pieces of Love” audio below!

Achievement of “Pieces of Love”

“Pieces of Love” didn’t achieve any special awards. But, this song and the other 9 songs made the Perfect World album top Billboard’s Japan Hot Albums chart on the August 4, 2021, chart edition. This album also placed second on Oricon’s Japanese Albums for the July 26– August 1, 2021, chart edition. The Perfect World album was a commercial success like Twice’s other albums.

Pieces of Love  2021  by Twice - 50Pieces of Love  2021  by Twice - 83