Sometimes, when we fall in love, our heart feels like it could explode. Of course, not because we are suddenly going to have a heart attack but because of the excitement of seeing our crush and the exciting feeling we have. But, sometimes, when we fall in love, we can barely describe the feeling we have. When we fall in love and look for a perfect song to describe it, we can go to TWICE‘s songs. Almost all of TWICE’s discography talks about how it feels when we fall in love, and one song that can be worth listening to is “Pit-a-Pat.” “Pit-a-Pat” is a song that was released on October 24th, 2016, along with the Twicecoaster: Lane 1 release. It has seven tracks on it, and “Pit-a-Pat” is the fifth track on the EP.

Background of “Pit-a-Pat”

It was one year after TWICE’s debut, and TWICE had consistently released new music for their fans. Four days after their anniversary, they released their third EP Twicecoaster: Lane 1. It was first confirmed by JYP Entertainment that Twicecoaster: Lane 1 was going to release on October 24th, 2016, through a time schedule that was released on TWICE’s SNS and their official homepage. The first group photo was released on October 14th, 2016, with TWICE sitting on chairs and looking like how people sit on a rollercoaster. This group photo was released along with a preview for the album that revealed two versions of the album with TWICE’s official colors that are apricot and neon magenta. The individual teasers then continued to be released over the next few days, and when it was Twice’s 1st anniversary, they held a V Live and unveiled “One in a Million” which is supposed to be a fan song and the seventh track on the EP. On October 23rd, 2016, the highlight medley that contains snippets of the songs along with the video of TWICE’s individual teasers was released.

Story of “Pit-a-Pat”

Falling in love can create many emotions, and often, it also can make the one who feels it confused. When falling in love, sometimes, it can leave a feeling of certainty that the person is the one. And, sometimes, we can sense when the person we fall in love with knows that we like them. In “Pit-a-Pat,” the song flows like the changes that happen to people when they fall in love or see their crush like their face turning red and the change of the eyes whenever they see the person they love. But, also, there’s fear that the person they like will run away. Yes, falling in love can create really complex emotions. The lyrics for “Pit-a-Pat” that is among the pop dance genre are written by Yorkie and Kang Ji-won while the music composers for “Pit-a-Pat” are Kang Ji-won and Im Kwang-uk who also became the producer for “Pit-a-Pat.”

“Pit-a-Pat” Performance

We all agree that TWICE’s songs are energetic and bring cheerfulness, and so too does “Pit-a-Pat.” Hearing this song, it might be a nice song to show on stage, and, fortunately, TWICE performed “Pit-a-Pat” several times on music award shows and on their Twiceland Tour.

Pit A Pat  2016  by TWICE - 57