For those of you who are curious about Kim Hyung-eun, in this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all the information about this Produce 101 contestant, from her profile, career, and latest news. So, keep on reading everyone!


Kim Hyung-eun’s Full Profile Name: Kim Hyung-eun (김형은) Stage Name: Hyungeun (형 은) Birthday: September 28, 1994 Zodiac: Libra Height: 160 cm Weight: 40 kg Blood type: O Instagram: @l_0_v_e_s


Produce 101

Kim Hyung-eun’s career began when she became one of the trainees and contestants in Produce 101 Season 1. The program aired on Mnet in 2016 and aired up to 11 episodes wherein each episode had different challenges and missions. In episode 1, Kim Hyung-eun was introduced by his agency Kconic Entertainment and showed her talent. Kim Hyung-eun performed Pick Me dance which the song is iconic from the program. She showed her dance skill very well in episode 1, as below!

In the 4th episode, Kim Hyung-eun and other contestants got a mission to appear in front of an audience with a predetermined group, Hyungeun entered into group 1 by sing a song from Miss A title Bad Girl Good Girl. Hyungeun’s appearance is full of energy and confidence, she used a cute cat headband!

In episode 10, Kim Hyung-eun was eliminated by being ranked 33rd and only got 4,538 votes. Hyuneun was eliminated in the 3rd round on March 25, 2016, after sing Don’t Matter with her group, she showed her rap skills and hip-hop vibes on the stage. And here is the last appearance Kim Hyung-eun on Produce 101.


After Kim Hyung-eun was eliminated from Produce 101, she and several former Produce 101 trainees named Kim Min-ji. Park Sae-hee, and Lee Jin-hee debuted together in a group under Kconic Entertainment / KConic Music with name Bulldok. The group debuted on October 20, 2016, with the first single “Why Not”, in this group Kim Hyung-eun got a position as a rapper and maknae. The group debuted with the girl-crush concept with the music genre, Pop, Hip-hop. Her group made first debut stage on a weekly music program called M! Countdown on the same day as their debut MV. So, here’s their first appearance on M! Countdown!

But unfortunately, it wasn’t until 1 year that the group was established and she became a member of a girl group, then on May 18, 2017, Kim Hyung-eun chose to leave the group because of her health problems, and she wasn’t good at that time. And apparently this group also decided to disband in January 2018. By the way, for those of you who are curious about the MV and song from Hyungeun’s group, you can click on the video below!


In 2017, Kim Hyung-eun left Bulldok and also left the agency, KConic Entertainment. After that, she signed a contract with her new agency in 2018 named, KRAZY Entertainment. In this agency, she debuted again as a member of a girl group named PEACE, where the group consisted of 4 members. PEACE’s members are mostly former members of Bulldok such as Hyungeun, Sora, and Say, but the only member who isn’t from Bulldok is Yulim. In this group, Kim Hyung-eun got a position as the main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, and maknae. Hyungeun and her group debuted on April 12, 2019, with their first single entitled “Find Your Peace” dan track yang dirilis adalah “Yallacha”. But, the agency announces on May 18, 2018, that there would be a new group from KRAZY Entertainment, and the agency also released photos of members and group got a promotion before debut. On April 12, 2019, KRAZY Entertainment has uploaded a song from PEACE entitled “Yallacha” but it only audio and until now there’s no official music video from the group. However, before Kim Hyung-eun debuted with PEACE, she had joined in the Hip-Hop group project that forms by KRAZY Entertainment under the name, D.A.N on March 7, 2019. PEACE debut single sounds more catchy and also there’s a touch of EDM music. The concept that they used is a little bit different from their concept when they were still in Bulldok, but in PEACE Kim Hyung-eun and the other members in the group use a teen-crush concept where the concept combines between girl-crush and cute concept. But after debut, this group hasn’t do promoted by appearing in various weekly music programs or release official information about their schedule. Maybe, if you want to listen to the official audio music from their song you can click on the video below!

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