Not only that, he is no stranger to the stage as he debuted in the group MYTEEN at that time. Even though in the first episode of Produce X 101, he had very little broadcast time, Kook-heon actually demonstrated having interesting abilities and personality, and thus, managed to secure a spot and finished at rank 21. Just who exactly is this charming personality that managed to catch everyone’s attention? Check out his full profile in the article below!  

Full Profile of Kim Kook-heon

Stage Name: Kookheon (국헌), formerly known as Xiheon (시헌) Birth Name: Kim Kook-heon (김국헌) Position: Vocalist, Dancer Birthday: April 15th, 1997 Company: Music Works Groups: MYTEEN (former), B.O.Y PDX101 Class: A – A Nationality: Korean Height: 176 cm (5’9″) Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Blood Type: A Instagram: @kukon_2


Interesting Facts about Kim Kook-heon

Bundang, South Korea, is his birthplace He has one sibling (a younger sister named Hyerin) Gukkwon and Kukon are some of his nicknames He likes to laugh at others since childhood, so his mother told him to become a singer or a comedian He is good at mimicking the vocal cords of the Sponge Bob characters He said that he had LASIK surgery in 2016 He likes kimchi He is afraid of rides because he has a fear of heights, and he is very afraid of ghosts and bugs His alcohol tolerance is two and a half bottles of soju It is said that he was a big fan of Girl’s Day Astro‘s MJ is his close friend He participated in the survival show MIX NINE and finished in 18th He has been a trainee since 2012 Singing, dancing, writing lyrics, and composing are his specialties Working out and his health are his priorities He can speak a bit of English and Japanese In MYTEEN, he was called the dad of the group He became the leader and replaced Eunsu in MYTEEN In an MYTEEN broadcast channel, he revealed that he likes the panoramic sea because it makes him entertained and feels better He always visits the sea when he is going through hard times He likes the seaside because it’s so calm and empty He has a dog named Yeolmu He fills the OST “사랑할 것 처럼 (As If To Love)” for the drama Stranger,  “너 밖에 모르고 (Only You Know)” for the drama Jugglers He has participated in Mnet’s MIX NINE and was even in the top 18 despite not getting to debut His sense of humor and habit of making strange expressions made him voted by the participants as the weirdest boy in Mnet’s MIX NINE Even though he had a little broadcast time in Mnet’s Produce X 101, Kook-heon actually managed to showcase his interesting abilities and personality, and thus, managed to secure a good spot and finished at rank 21 When describing his ideal type, he said, “Someone who is kind.” He believes that as long as the person has a kind heart, everything will be fine. He teamed up with Yuvin for a duo called B.O.Y (B Of You), which debuted on January 7th, 2020


Kim Kook-heon’s Debut with MYTEEN

Kim Kook-heon first made his debut as a MYTEEN member on July 26th, 2017, with the stage name XiHeon. MYTEEN is a 7-member group under Music Works Entertainment, the agency which also houses famous solo singer Baek Ji-young and former 2NE1 member Gong Minzy. He occupies the position of the main vocalist. Since his debut with MYTEEN, he has released two mini-albums, with the title tracks “Amazing” and “She Bad.”

Originally, the leader of MYTEEN was Eun-su who was also a rapper in the group. But, a while later, Kim Kook-heon replaced Eun-su as the leader of MYTEEN. Shortly after the debut, Kim Kook-heon, along with Eun-su, Chun-jin, and Shin Jun-seop appeared on the Mnet survival show MIX NINE. Of the four MYTEEN members, only he, Jun-seop, and Chun-jin successfully passed the agency audition. In the show, Kook-heon made it to the final round even though he didn’t get into the debut line-up (he finished in 18th).

Sadly, after been inactive for a while, the group had to disband in 2019. The news was first delivered on August 21st, 2019, through Eun-su’s personal Instagram. It was revealed that the group disbanded and decided to choose different paths. On the same date, Music Works Entertainment also released a statement that the group was disbanded and thanked fans for their support during MYTEEN’s career.  

Kim Kook-heon’s Appearance on Produce X 101

In 2019, two MYTEEN members which are Kim Kook-heon and Song Yu-vin (who later became a duo in 2020) participated in the Mnet Produce X 101 program. Having stable singing abilities, both of them began to receive public attention from the very first episode. Both of them lasted quite a long time on the show. Although at first, Kim Kook-heon was not having much screen time, he began to catch the public’s attention with his unique personality and singing skills.

Unfortunately, in Episode 11 of Produce X 101, aired on July 12th, 2019, Kim Kook-heon was less fortunate to stand at No. 21 and was forced to leave while only 20 trainees had a high number of votes and continued to the finale (including Yu-vin who later got eliminated and ranked 17th). During the time participating in the program, Kook-heon impressed many audiences with his inherent skills, as well as his emotional friendship with Yu-vin. After his elimination, he released an emotional handwritten letter on his Instagram. His letter is described as below: He remains the public’s favorite even after he got out of the show. I want to say my sincere thanks to the national producers who have been cheering me on until now. During the half-year since I first started preparing for the show until now, there were many moments when I tried my best, felt exhausted, and wanted to give up. But in those difficult times, thanks to the support and consolation of the national producers, I told myself that I couldn’t give up and worked hard to move forward. I also sincerely thank and love my parents, family, friends, teachers, the Music Works family, and national producer representative Lee Dong Wook. They are the first to comfort me in times of difficulty, and when I feel lonely. I have received a lot of love when I appeared on this show, so I regret it because it ended like this. But I will become a Kim Kook Heon, who works hard to show you all better from now on. I will return the love I have received from the beginning up to now, as well as for the love that I will receive in the future. Also, I hope you support my friends on Produce X 101, who are all working hard to reach the finale. Yoo Binnie… fighting! PS Thank you, Heony Dan (Kim Kook-heon’s fandom) for being a huge source of strength every time my self-esteem drops.

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