Stage name: Jimin Real Name: Park Jimin Birthday: October 13, 1995 Birthplace: Busan, South Korea Age: 27 (Korean Age); 26 (International Age) Zodiac Sign: Libra Height: 174 cm (5’8.5″) Weight: 58.6 kg (129 lbs) Blood Type: A Positions: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer. Education: High School: Busan High School of Arts University: Global Cyber University Favorite Number: 3, 13 Favorite Song: ‘Lie’, ‘Serendipity’ Label: Big Hit Entertainment Favorite Color: Light Blue, Purple, and Black

Fun Facts About BTS’s Jimin

Jimin facts: – He was born in Busan, South Korea. – Jimin’s family conists of: Dad, mom, younger brother – Education: Busan High School of Arts; Global Cyber University – Pre-debut Jimin entered Busan High School of Arts as the top student in modern dance, but later transferred to Korea Arts High School with V. – Jimin was the last member to join BTS. – His favorite colors are blue and black. – His favorite number is number 3. – His nickname is Mang-gae rice cake. (Knowing Brother) – He used to view himself as “fat” and he was self conscious of his looks and his cheeks. – When Jimin viewed himself as fat (he doesn’t anymore) he went into a depression and starved himself until Jin got him out of it, and he started eating regularly. – His favorite foods are pork, duck, chicken, fruit, and kimchi jjigae. – He prefers sunny and cool weather. – He is known for his impressive abs. – He jokingly hits his fellow members as a way of showing his affection for them. – If music is playing, he will start to dance no matter where he is. – When the weather is sunny and cool, Jimin likes wearing earphones while listening to music that gives good feelings. – Jimin became interested in a singing career after watching a Rain performance. – Once he wrote some lyrics and gave them to Suga. Suga said: “You called these lyrics?!” (the lyrics sounded like a children’s song). Suga asked him to redo the lyrics, but in the end he still couldn’t use Jimin’s lyrics. – Jimin’s role models are Rain, Taeyang (Bigbang), and Chris Brown. – He is most confident about his eyes. – He feels sorry for kicking his fellow members during the ‘No More Dream’ performance. – He enjoys reading comic books. He said that comic books have influenced him a lot. [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK] – According to Jimin, the requirements for his happiness are: love, money, and the stage. – Jimin is close friends with SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai, VIXX’s Ravi, Wanna One’s Sungwon and HOTSHOT’s Timoteo. – Taemin (SHINee) said he would want to have a collaboration with Kai (EXO) and Jimin (BTS) on his solo album. (Singles Sep 2017 Taemin Interview) – Jimin usually solves his problems himself. If he can’t solve it, he will share the problem with V and ask for his advice. – Jungkook is always teasing Jimin about his height. – Jimin’s favorite foods are: meat (pork, beef, duck, chicken), fruits, stew kimchi jjigae. – In 10 years, Jimin wants to be a cool singer who enjoys the stage.

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