Jeunggyu was initially the lead vocalist of Seven O’Clock, but later he improved his rapping skills and became the group’s sub-rapper. Surprisingly, his dancing skills also stood out. His moves are fast and powerful. Jeunggyu has endless energy and he even claimed that he wanted to be the K-Pop human battery. Judging by his stage performances, Jeunggyu surely has endless energy reserves and always puts on a show. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk all about Seven O’Closk’s Jeunggyu. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of Seven O’Clock’s Jeunggyu

Name: Lim Jeung-gyu Stage Name: Jeunggyu Date of Birth: November 5th, 1997 Place of Birth: Busan City, South Korea Height: 181  cm Weight: 62 kg Position: Lead vocalist, rapper Zodiac: Scorpio Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Ox Instagram: @jeonggyu.soc Twitter: @7OC_official V Live: channels/D2F587

Fun Facts about Seven O’Clock’s Jeunggyu

Jeunggyu loves watching soccer and baseball matches and making comments on the game Unconsciously, Jeunggyu can do sleepwalking He is the second tallest member but he looks smaller due to his short torso He has long legs He loves drinking coffee and prefers americano to cappuccino He can play the guitar well Red is Jeunggyu’s favorite color His fashion style is casual and comfortable He loves playing baseball “Eyes on You” is his favorite song He tried competing in Mixnine but failed in the audition stage He decided to leave his group due to health issues

About Seven O’Clock’s Jeonggyu’s Personality

Jeunggyu always has overflowing energy, he is in charge of the group’s energy Jeunggyu is always eager to improve his talents. Before making a comeback, Jeonggy improved his rapping skills and is currently in charge of the sub-rapper position Jeunggyu’s dream for Seven O’Clock is to be able to hold a group concert. He always wanted to show his best charm. On the stage, he wanted to look cool and fresh at the same time In the future, Jeunggyu wants to become the K-Pop human battery. He always has overflowing energy Among all member, Jeunggu is responsible for making reactions and sometimes even overreacting to capture the fans’ attention

Focus Fan-cam

Jeonggyun and Seven O’clock performed at Arirang TV’s Simply K-Pop. It is a language program that gives chance to idol groups to interact with fans, especially global fans. The program was broadcast on November 2nd, 2018. Jeonggyu and other group members were dressed in a stylish school uniform-like costume. They performed their most popular single “Nothing Better.” Jeonggyu performed like he is the main dancer of Seven O’clock. His dance moves were quick and powerful. It seemed like he had been doing and practicing the moves a thousand times. He memorized all the moves and made good facial expressions. On the stage, he jumped higher, bent his body lower, and moved faster than the other member.

In another fan-cam video, Jeonggyu and Taeyong perform a duet dance cover of EXO’s “The Eve” at a concert in Warsaw, Poland. The concert was held on a small stage and the audience could experience their idol’s performance from a closer and more intimate distance. He said that he wanted to be the K-Pop human battery and he proved that he is an everlasting battery. His energy was overflowing and his dance moves were powerful. Although perhaps it is better to look at the audience occasionally and make eye contact with fans.

Jeonggyu’s Birthday

Jeonggyu cried happy tears when Seven O’clock members prepared a surprise birthday party for him. Some of his friends laughed at him, while others were surprised to see him cry like a big baby. However, Jeonggyu must have been touched by the attention and care from his friends. He was barely able to stop his tears even when his friends hugged him and patted him on the shoulder.

Seven O’Clock’s Jeonggyu’s Visual

Jeonggyu has both a serious and playful character. On the stage, he turns into a dance machine with endless energy. Off the stage, he changes into a playful and easygoing character. Sometimes, he makes cute and dorky poses during promotional events. Jeonggyu has a babyface look. His eyes are big and dark black. He could be like the friendly neighbor guy. Jeonggyu is also a melancholic guy. When his friends prepared him a surprise birthday party, he cried like a small child in front of the camera. He is just such a cute guy!

Indefinite Hiatus from Seven O’clock’s Activities

Jeonggyu went on an indefinite hiatus from Seven O’clock’s activities due to health issues. In October 2019, Staro Entertainment announced the temporary hiatus of Jeonggyu, Hyun, and 2Soul. However, within less than a week, 2Soul returned to the group after undergoing treatment for his health issue. That was all the information about Seven O’Clock’s Jeonggyu. Check out the profiles and fun facts of the other members in the collection of Channel-Korea articles.

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