Full Profile of Purple Kiss’s Na Go-eun

Birth Name: Na Go Eun (나고은) Stage Name: Na Goeun (나고은) Place and Date of Birth: Nam-gu, Gwangju, South Korea, September 3rd, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 160 cm Weight: 44 kg Blood Type: B Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer Occupation: Singer, Dancer Years Active: 2018–present Label: RBW Entertainment Associated With: Produce 48, Purple Kiss Instagram: @purplekiss_official

More Interesting Facts about Purple Kiss’s Na Goe-un

Goeun’s nationality is Korean Her nicknames are Naspberry, Anne Montgomery, and Goraengee Her family consists of her mother, father, and an older brother Goeun went to Hanlim Multi Art School She loves challenges and is most likely to take on scuba diving Goeun wants to receive a scuba diving and a driving license She has always told the members that she wanted to fly The members think that Goeun is the healthiest since she never skips meals and has her lifestyle pattern Goeun’s role models are SNSD’s Taeyeon, IU, and Chungha Goeun likes Hip-Hop, watching action movies and cooking videos Goeun’s favorite foods are meat dishes and tangsuyuk with dip She doesn’t like seafood

Who Is Purple Kiss’s Na Go-eun’s Ideal Type?

From the list of Purple Kiss’s Goeun interesting facts, we got to know her even better. However, there is one thing that the fans have probably been curious about: who is Purple Kiss’s Goeun’s ideal type? It seems like she hasn’t revealed her ideal type yet, but that person must be kind and supportive to be on her side as an ideal partner!

Purple Kiss’s Na Go-eun’s Pre-debut Story: From MIXNINE to Produce 48

Goeun has chased after her dream of becoming a K-Pop idol ever since she was younger! Long before her debut with Purple Kiss, Goeun trained under RBW Entertainment, and she joined an audition of MIXNINE as the representative of her agency, but she didn’t make it. Her struggle didn’t stop there as Goeun also tried her luck another way. In 2018, Goeun took part in the survival show Produce 48 along with RBW Entertainment’s trainee Park Jieun.

Goeun drew attention due to her fresh and cute image, especially with her light brown and bangs hairstyle. After several appearances, Goeun didn’t make it and got eliminated in 29th place. She continued her trainee days afterward, and three years after Produce 48, Goeun finally debuted as a member of Purple Kiss!

Na Go-eun’s Debut with Purple Kiss

On July 26th, 2020, RBW Entertainment announced Goeun as the fifth member of the upcoming girl group Purple Kiss. Later on, Goeun and the six fellow members released a pre-debut single on November 26th, 2020, with the title “My Heart Skip a Beat”. Several months later, Goeun officially debuted with Purple Kiss on March 15th, 2021, with the group’s first mini-album INTO VIOLET and its lead singles “Ponzona” and “Can We Talk Again”. Purple Kiss’s debut song “Ponzona” is a very attractive song that combines classical violin and piano, groovy rhythm, and dreamy sound. In the group, Goeun is in charge of the main vocalist and lead dancer position, but she also took part in songwriting and lyrics writing for Purple Kiss’s singles such as “Ponzona”, “Skip Skip”, and “Period”.

Check Out Purple Kiss’s Na Go-eun’s Focus Fancam, Here!

Get ready to fall for Purple Kiss’s Goeun’s sophisticated charms through her focus fancam!

Goeun looks undeniably beautiful during one of the “Ponzona” live stage performances! With her purple wavy hair and chic outfit style, everything has accentuated Goeun’s attractiveness even more!

Goeun managed to display another side of her that the fans might not have seen before. She looks like the ‘woman in black’ and emphasized the fierce mature concept during the performance. After you get to watch the full focus fancam of Goeun during the “Skip Skip” performance, we bet you won’t skip anything that is related to her charms and talents. Even though Purple Kiss is a rookie girl group, all of the members, including Na Go-eun, are very talented and were born to be rising stars!. We will eagerly look forward to upcoming projects from them, especially Goeun. Don’t you also think that Na Go-eun is very charming? Kindly leave your comment down below, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends or your social media!

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