Full Profile of Purple Kiss’s Park Ji-eun

Birth Name: Park Ji-eun (박지은) Stage Name: Park Ji-eun (박지은) Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, Gangdong-gu, South Korea, September 4th, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 166 cm Weight: 49 kg Blood Type: A Position: Vocalist Occupation: Singer, Dancer Years Active: 2018–present Label: RBW Entertainment Associated With: Produce 48, Purple Kiss Instagram: @purplekiss_official

Find Out More About Purple Kiss’s Park Ji-eun Through Her Interesting Facts, Here!

Park Ji-eun’s nationality is Korean Park Ji-eun’s nickname is Bambi Park Ji-eun’s MBTI type is INFP Park Ji-eun can speak Korean and Japanese Park Ji-eun’s specialties are vocal impressions and facial expressions Park Ji-eun can play the guitar Park Ji-eun’s first pet was a hamster and currently, she has a dog Park Ji-eun’s motto: “I will be the brighter person!” Park Ji-eun is the oldest member of Purple Kiss Park Ji-eun loves to play with puppies and make dance covers Park Ji-eun likes pizza, but she can’t eat cheesecake Park Ji-eun said that she is mostly slow at everything Park Ji-eun once fell asleep while watching a movie Park Ji-eun can stay up all night and fall asleep the latest

Wanna Know Purple Kiss’s Park Ji-eun’s Ideal Type?

One of the things that makes Purple Kiss’s Park Ji-eun’s fans curious is her ideal type! They have been wondering, what sort of person does she like? Even though Park Ji-eun hasn’t said anything about that yet, she has mentioned that her favorite actor is Cho Seung-woo. Her ideal type may have something similar to him, right?

Purple Kiss’s Park Ji-eun Pre Debut: Appearance in Produce 48, Modeling, and More

Before Park Ji-eun made her debut with Purple Kiss, she was a trainee of RBW Entertainment and had trained for 6 to 7 years. Such a long time, right? During that time, she took part in the Produce 48 contestant along with RBW Entertainment’s trainee Na Go-eun in 2018. In the first evaluation of Produce 48, Park Ji-eun and her team performed “Mamma Mia” by the girl group KARA.


Unfortunately, she didn’t make it until the final round and got eliminated in 80th place. Later, in 2020, Park Ji-eun also made a modeling appearance in ONEWE‘s “End of Spring” music video. Several years after Produce 48, Park Ji-eun officially debuted as a Purple Kiss member in 2021!

Park Ji-eun’s Debut with Purple Kiss

RBW Entertainment announced Park Ji-eun as the sixth member of Purple Kiss on July 30th, 2020. Before the group’s official debut, Park Ji-eun and her fellow members had released the pre-debut digital single “My Heart Skip a Beat” on November 26th, 2020, along with a performance video. Purple Kiss is also marked as the first RBW Entertainment girl group to debut in the last seven years after MAMAMOO. On March 15th, 2021, Park Ji-eun officially debuted as the Vocalist of Purple Kiss, and she was also mentioned as the visual. The group released their first mini-album INTO VIOLET, and it has a meaning that the group will give hope to the fans who are colored in achromatic colors with the Purple Kiss music. From the album, Purple Kiss released “Ponzona” and “Can We Talk Again” as the lead singles.

Purple Kiss’s Park Ji-eun’s Charisma On Her Focus Fancam!

Let’s take a look at Purple Kiss’s Park Ji-eun’s focus fancam performances, here. Park Ji-eun looks extremely gorgeous in the black off-shoulder style! It also matched her silky black hair which emphasized her elegance very well. Not to mention her soft and delicate voice with her powerful dance performance that looks very great!

On the “Skip Skip” live stage performance, Park Ji-eun appears with different charms. She portrays a mixture of boyish and chic style through the suit and ties with a ponytail hairstyle as well. The way she dances and sings beautifully is just perfect, right?

Aside from Park Ji-eun’s stunning vocal, people have also praised her visuals and her dancing skills! Even though she didn’t make it on Produce 48, we can now see her shining performances as a Purple Kiss member. What do you think about Purple Kiss’s Park Ji-eun? Kindly leave a comment down below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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