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During the grand finale of the Mrs. Sri Lanka 2021, contestant number 20 Pushpika De Silva was crowned by the jury panel as the winner of the Mrs. Sri Lanka 2021 beauty pageant contest. She was crowned by Caroline Jurie the reigning Mrs. World 2020 and Mrs. Sri Lanka 2020. However, moments after officially announcing the winner of the competition, Caroline Jurie rushed to the stage. With microphone in hand she declared that there is a rule about being married and not divorced, and that she was taking the first steps in saying that the crown goes to the first runner up. She then proceeded to unceremoniously take the crown from Pushpika De Silva and put it on the head of the first runner-up, with help from another contestant Chula Padmendra. Following the incident, Pushpika soon left the stage with tears causing outcry and confusion among the public. Pushpika was injured by Caroline Jurie during the grand finale when the latter forcibly removed her crown. Pushpika claimed via her Facebook account that she is recovering from head injuries after being hospitalised and she denied reports which claimed that she is a divorcee. She threatened legal action against those who insulted her during the grand finale of the competition. The organisers of the Mrs. Sri Lanka event apologised for the incident and ensured that the crown and cash prize would be returned back to Pushpika De Silva. On 6 April 2021, the organisers returned the crown and prize to Pushpika issuing apology regarding the controversy.

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Pushpika is a model and a social media influencer who hails from Sri Lanka. She was the winner of the Miss Sri Lanka title in 2011. She also won the Best National Costume award at the Miss Tourism Queen International in 2011. Pushpika is also the winner of the Sri Lanka Bridal Beauty contest in 2020. Pushpika is married to Thilanka Dabarera. The couple has a son together as well. Pushpika gives her fans and followers a sneak peek into her life through her social media posts. Her social media is filled with pictures and videos of her son. She also shares photos from her travel diaries and her beauty pageants as well. Recently, she shared a photo of her posing with her son. She is wearing a white saree while her son is wearing a black suit. Her hair is styled in waves and left open. Both are all smiles for the camera. Pushpika captioned the post by writing, “My lil angel!”, followed by red heart emoji. Pushpika De Silva was announced as the winner of Mrs Sri Lanka and was sashed and crowned as well. She came to the centre of the stage and was enjoying the moment and just then, Caroline Jurie announced on the mic that as per the rules of Mrs World, the winner has to be married and not a divorcee. She then rushed to remove the crown from Pushpika’s head hastily removing all the pins, hurting her head in the process. Jurie declared the first runner up as the winner of the pageant. The crown has been returned to Pushpika de Silva. She took to her Facebook to express her gratitude to the jury of the show for supporting her. At a recently conducted news conference, the crown was returned to her after the organisers confirmed that she was not divorced. She was born and raised up in Polonnaruwa. She was married to Thilanka Dabarera, a business man and pilot. However, the couple separated in 2017 due to personal reasons. Pushpika’s husband claimed in a Facebook post that he was not involved with Pushpika for the past 4 years and they are finalizing their divorce. The Daily Mirror article lists that Pushpika’s case has been fixed in court for June/July 2021 and the Mrs. World contest will be held in December 2021, therefore by the time of the competition Pushpika will not be a legally married woman, thus disqualifying her from the contest according to world board rules as listed in their recent declaration.

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