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Mexican gamer Born: December 28, 2000 (age 20 years), Mexico Other media: Instagram; Steam; Twitch; Twitch; Discord server; Subreddit; Patreon; Soundcloud Celebrated Name Quackity Nick Name Alex Birth Name Alexis Birth Date 2000-12-28 Gender Male Profession Gamer Nationality Mexican Birth Nation Mexico Place Of Birth Mexico Religion Christian Horoscope Capricorn Siblings 1 Brothers 1 Marital Status Unmarried Source of Wealth Gaming Career Body Type Slim Height 5 ft 4 in or 162.5 cm Weight 60 KG Eye Color Dark Brown Hair Color Dark Brown Body Measurement 42-32-38 in Best Known For For the gameplay of Roblox and Minecraft

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His second channel original’s name was DuckyG before he wiped its content and renamed it as quackitwo. He mainly made ytps on his second channel before it was wiped. The things ytp’d on his second channel include the CDI zelda games, the diabeetus guy interview, and other things. He once got banned from Twitch when he was trying to call the Roblox Canadian customer support and a fan sent him the number of a strip club instead. He was once a guest on a Toontown collab channel. Quackity, along with another YouTuber, Dolan Dark, used to edit the intro skits for LeafyIsHere. Leafy offered either credit or $20 for their work; Alex chose to receive credit since he thought it was worth more than the $20. His Twitter got suspended around September 2018 until November 23, 2018. In the meantime, he used the Twitter account grandma bertha. The account is still up and he occasionally tweets from there. The reason behind his suspension is unknown. There have been multiple occasions where either he or his friends showed proof that he lives in Mexico. Hooverr said in the WildSpartanz’s Cards Against Humanity | 2 video that Alex lives in Mexico. More evidence to Alex being Mexican is the Spanish text that was often notable in screen recordings and screenshots of his older videos, such as the verb “copiar” which translates to the verb “to copy” on his HOW TO MAKE LETS PLAYS video. Furthermore, his accent was a lot more apparent at this point in time. In “THE ANIMAL JAM RAID IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN…”, it is seen he was using the Mexico City time zone. He’s very often in LA where the timezone is PST. However also tweeted stating he was going to visit Alex to collab with him; the airport he was going to land – PVR – is in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. Aksel, like Hooverr, tweeted that he was going to travel to meet Alex for the first time in real life in Mexico. In I HOSTED THE WORST COOKING COMPETITION, his friends (Jordan, John, and Ed) appeared to speak little English, but were fluent in Spanish. Alex was shown to also be fluent in Spanish, as he sometimes talked to his friends in Spanish. He has an electronic keyboard that is frequently in the background of his videos. He plays it occasionally on his Twitch streams, mostly during the beginning. He can also play the guitar, as shown in his FANDOMS SUCK (Official Music Video) song. The “HQ” in his name was of reference to the “Toon Headquarters” building in Toontown, commonly abbreviated as the “Toon HQ” by players of the game. The reason why he dropped the HQ from his username is that the original account with the name “Quackity” has been deleted. Jumped off his house’s roof, dressed as Superman. He frequently travels between Mexico and Los Angeles. His channel was slowly growing until December 2017 and had explosive growth in late October 2018. He claims to live in Afghanistan, California, United States as a joke, however he actually lives in Mexico. He joined Dream’s SMP server, Dream SMP, on August 2020. He has stated that, currently, he is a law student. He has a cat named Tiger. He has a brother. He is 5’6″ (167.6 cm) tall. Viewers planned a “raid” on Quackity on October 21 where they pretended it was his birthday, although his actual birthday is on December 28.

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