“Queen” is a song by Twice released on October 26, 2020, through JYP Entertainment, Dreamus, and Republic Records. This song serves as the seventh song of their fourth studio album titled Eyes Wide Open. “Queen” is one of the 12 side tracks on this studio album; this song became the sixth sidetrack of the album. To introduce the sidetrack, JYP Entertainment released the highlight medley video of the studio album. The highlight medley contained the medley of all the song tracks on the album. They also gave chances to the members to give commentary about the album. The full version of this song can be listened to through the studio album, Twice’s official YouTube channel, and Spotify. You can listen to the song by clicking the video here:

The medley of “Queen” was released through the highlight medley video. You can see the highlight medley here:

Twice’s album commentary video contains all of the members’ comments and some behind-the-scenes information about making the album. One of the album commentary videos where the members talk about “Queen” is the commentary from Nayeon, Sana, Jihyo, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung. You can see their album commentary video here:

Background of “Queen”

Before the studio album was released, Twice released their tenth extended play (EP) titled More & More. This EP album was released in June 2020, and it was commercially successful. Following this successful EP album, many rumors or unofficial reports about their next comeback were spread on media. These unofficial reports were responded to by JYP Entertainment saying that the comeback details would be revealed soon once the comeback was announced officially. A month later, on September 25, a Korean media site, Xportsnews, announced that the comeback date has been set for October 26. The official announcement from JYP Entertainment was released six days after the Xportsnews’ announcement, which was on October 1. The album was announced officially through the group’s social media accounts. On the same day, they also released the release date and the girls’ promotional schedules. On October 6, the Eyes Wide Open album title was revealed along with the physical album preview including the cover preview, photo books, message cards, posters, stickers, and photo cards. Five days later (October 11), the lead single’s title was revealed as “I Can’t Stop Me.” They also released the tracklist poster on that day, too. This is their tracklist poster: Through this tracklist poster, it was revealed that some members participated in writing some side tracks’ lyrics. From this tracklist poster, we can see that some people such as Dua Lipa, Heize, and LDN Noise also participated in the album production. Starting from October 12 through October 22, the agency released the group posters, the members’ individual posters and trailers, and the lead single’s teasers. Two days later (October 24), the agency uploaded the highlight medley video of the album. “Queen” was also previewed in this highlight medley video. Finally, on October 26, the studio album was released along with the full version of the songs that were released through YouTube and Spotify. During the promotional period, the girls were given chances to shoot some album commentary videos that were uploaded through their official YouTube channel. There were two album commentary videos that were uploaded on November 4 and 6. The video that talked about this song is the one that was uploaded on November 6 where the five members shared their background stories when they participated in the songwriting process.

Story of “Queen”

The Eyes Wide Open album consists of one lead single and 12 sidetracks. Six of the sidetracks were written by the members. Dahyun is one of the members that participated in the songwriting process. She wrote two songs for this album, which are “Queen” and “Bring It Back.” “Queen” was composed by Jinby Jin, Cazzi Opeia, and Ellen Berg. Jinby Jin also arranged this song. Through the album commentary video, it seemed the other members were surprised that Dahyun wrote “Queen.” Dahyun told the members that the song’s title was inspired by her international fans who gave her the “Queen Dahyun” nickname. The international fans who generally don’t understand Korean called her “Queen Dahyun” instead of calling her “Kim Dahyun” (Dahyun’s full name) because the two words “Queen” and “Kim” are pronounced similarly by her fans. Dahyun also told them that she hoped this song could give her fans the inner strength they need to show their true self because lyrically this song is all about how to boost your self-confidence.

Achievements of “Queen”

This song charted on several song charts in various countries. You can see the table below for the song’s peak positions in every chart.   That’s all the information that we can provide about “Queen” by Twice. Check out other articles about Twice on Channel Korea! If you like this article, make sure to share it with your mutuals on your social media.

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