Report About His Girlfriend’s Sexual Desire

In March 2017, rapper Iron had been reported of being involved in a sexual assault case where he physically abused and beat his girlfriend while having sex. Korean media released police reports that showed Iron had been indicted for physically beating his girlfriend during sex. The reports stated that he had punched her during sexual intercourse after she “didn’t agree to his requests.” The same reports stated he had broken her pinky finger and even cut himself to convince her not to break up with him. Later, the rapper responded by denying all charges and released a statement with his side of the story. Since the reports are being published based on her statements only, I want to tell you exactly what happened. I first met this girl during a photoshoot for my album. She was the model for my album. The biggest problem with this girl is that she was a masochist. She only received sexual pleasure from these fetish behaviors. I was very surprised at first. She always asked me to beat her and said she was only satisfied when I [beat her]. The injuries weren’t the result of a physical assault. They were the result of my justified self-defense in the face of her merciless violence. I was scared of seeing her like that and I broke up with her after finding out she had another boyfriend. She was once my lover but I knew how skewed her point of view was. I became very afraid after getting to know her. I have never threatened or used violence on a woman. I am not a perfect person but I have never harmed anyone with evil intentions.” — Iron (released on March 3rd, 2017)  

Arrested For 1 Year

As a result of his crime, Iron was arrested for one year after being sued for a sexual assault case. On Tuesday (March 14th, 2017), Yonhap News revealed that he punched her in the face while having sex at his home in central Seoul in September 2016. According to prosecutors, the rapper hit her because she refused his demands. Just 15 days after the first assault, he reportedly abused his girlfriend again by allegedly choking and beating his girlfriend when she said she wanted to break up. Not only did he fracture her left pinky finger, but he also left bruises on her body. In addition, the prosecutors also said the 25-year-old rapper injured himself in the thigh with a kitchen tool and threatened to accuse her of the injury if she were to call the police. In July 2017, the Seoul Central District Court stated that Iron has been found guilty of all assault charges filed against him. “[Iron] is denying the charges, but it’s been proven that he hit the victim in the face with his fist in September 2016. It’s hard to confirm his statement that the victim asked him to hit her. We will not be accepting [Iron’s] claim. He is guilty of all charges.”  – Seoul Central District Court He was indicted in April following his arrest and has been on trial ever since. Initially, he pleaded not guilty. The prosecution demanded a 1-year sentence for Iron following the third round of trials. “[Iron] does not acknowledge his crimes, and refuses to come to an agreement with the victim, so we ask for 1 year of imprisonment.”  – Prosecution He has a suspended sentence of up to two years of probation, that if broken will mean he serves 8 months of imprisonment and 80 hours of community service. This is not the first criminal case of Iron. He was previously sentenced to 8 months in prison and a 2-year suspension on charges of marijuana use between 2014 and 2015. Moreover, he was caught smoking pot along with former Topp Dogg member Kidoh in July. During an interview with Dingo last year, he also admitted that he had once stabbed a friend when he was a child.  

Iron’s Apology on Instagram

In the same month as the Court’s final decision, Iron uploaded a handwritten letter of apology on his Instagram. “Hello, it’s Jung Heon Chul. First, to my peers… and to everyone who supported me, I would like to express my sincere apology through this letter. I caused heartache to those who trusted me through the recent array of unpleasant news… And I wasn’t able to acknowledge it until just recently. I thought it was cool to act however I wanted without regret, instead of calculating this and that. However, I recently looked back to realize that my actions were hurting those around me and those supporting me. You were burdened and hurt just by the fact that you trusted and supported someone like me… I made the past days of those who loved my music into trash… I only knew how to act cool and pretend to be a man, but now I am embarrassed by my disappointing and childish actions. I contemplated a lot whether I should express my apology to everyone whenever the unpleasant news arose, but it didn’t feel like it was the proper way to approach you guys, so I was unable to apologize to everyone… All of the situations that happened so far were because of my insults. Although it won’t be enough, I would like to express my deepest apology to everyone who had trusted and supported me, as well as everyone who was hurt by my actions. I now realize my current situation and I will aim to live a full life that is not embarrassing. I sincerely apologize for causing heartache to everyone.” — Iron (The post has been removed from Instagram)  

His Current Life

Earlier this year, the rapper has finally spoken up and formally apologized regarding his past crime. On April 19th, 2019, the YouTube channel named Update Olympic uploaded a video showing Iron during his community service time while chatting up about his career, controversies, and more. During a past interview, Iron claimed his girlfriend requested that he hit her. Regarding this, Iron said, “At the time (of the interview), I was very emotional and I only thought from my perspective. (I told the reporter) ‘To be honest, she told me to hit her first. So I did.’ I don’t think I was reflecting on my actions then. I unintentionally caused her pain because I had to take responsibility for a relationship that I didn’t want to be responsible for. The misunderstandings, suspicion, and loss of trust grew and led to such a displeasing incident.” On the question about his common use of drugs, Iron commented, “I still think marijuana is medicine.” He continued, “Life is hard. Alcohol and cigarettes are the true drugs. We’re even taught that way (in school). Marijuana grows in nature. They banned it in the U.S. because of tax reasons, and people have a negative perspective towards it. I personally want to encourage marijuana use. I think marijuana is a gift from God that society needs. I hope hip-hop musicians become brave and spread the truth. Of course, hardcore drugs like heroin are bad and it leads down a path to destroying your life.” Lastly, Iron was asked if he will ever audition on Mnet’s Show Me The Money again. He laughed and shook his head. “No,” he answered firmly. Check out his full interview in the clip below.

  That is the full story of rapper Iron’s sexual assault case. What is your current impression on him after his crime? Please, kindly comment your thoughts in the section below!  

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