RED VELVET Ye-ri Full Profile

Name : Kim Ye Rim (김예림) Stage Name : Yeri (예리) English Name : Katy Birthday date : March 5, 1999 Birthday place : Seoul, South Korea Height : 160 cm (official) / 158 cm (real height) Weight : 49 kg Zodiac : Pisces Chinese zodiac : Rabbit Blood type : O Nationality : Korean Years active : 2015 – present Occupation : Singer, Songwriter, Composer, MC / Television presenter Group : Red Velvet Position in group : Vocalist, Sub-rapper, Maknae (Youngest Member) Agency : SM Entertainment Instagram : @yerimiese

RED VELVET Ye-ri Facts

Yeri has three younger sisters, they are Yoo Rim (1 year younger than her), Ye Eun (9 years younger), and Chae Eun (12 years younger). Turtle is her representative animal. She loves pink Her representative fruit and color is violet grape. Her nicknames are Squirtle, Malgeumi. Yeri really loves Ariana Grande, so that her nicknames is Yeriana. Yeri calls herself “Yerim”. She had studied at Hanlim Multi Art School and graduated on February 9th, 2018. She can speaks English. Yeri join SM Entertainment in 2011 through SM Audition, but she joined group in 2015. Yeri was become trainee for 4 years. Tuna kimchi fried chicken and bread are her favorite foods. She likes strawberry and chocolate ice cream. She’s good friend with BLACKPINK’s Rose, TWICE’s Nayeon, and SHINee’s Jonghyun. TWICE’s Sana gave her the nickname “Mingming”. She never walks in High Heels, but she must try it for the first time when filming for Red Velvet “Automatic” MV. Yeri is a big fan of Vampire and her favorite Vampire movies are The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, and Twilight.  She wrote a poem titled “1000” on her 1000 debut days which was she upload on her Instagram when her birthday as a song.

Pre-Debut Story as SM ROOKIES

Yeri joined with SM Entertainment in 2011 when she was in elementary school more precisely in 5th grade, and she joined it through auditioning at SM Weekly Audition. Before debut with Red Velvet, Yeri was a part of SM Entertainment pre-debut group namely SM Rookies, along with other Red Velvet member that is Seulgi, Irene, and Wendy. SM Rookies were a pre-debut project that consist of young trainees who have yet debut in a group, and in 2014 Yeri was performed as a member of SM Rookies on SM Town Live World Tour IV. So, here are some of pre-debut photos of Kim Ye Rim (Red Velvet’s Yeri) when she was a part of SM Rookies!


Yeri didn’t immediately debut with Red Velvet in 2014 because she was very young, and she had to carry out her trainee period for 4 years. Red Velvet debuted on August 1st, 2014 with releasing their first single entitled “Happiness”, however Yeri didn’t participated in the debut day with Red Velvet in “Happiness” era, but even so she appeared in the introduction video of Red Velvet’s debut at the beginning of “Happiness” music video. Then, Yeri was officially introduced as a member of Red Velvet on March 12th, 2015 before doing a promotion for their first EP (Extended Play) entitled Ice Cream Cake. In a short video, other Red Velvet members such as Irene, Joy, Seulgi, and Wendy directly introduce Yeri as the 5th member and also as their younger member. In the video, Yeri facing backwards while waiting for members to call her name. Then when they called her, Yeri ran from a considerable distance to approach and join with members. You can see that moment in the video below!

On March 16th, 2015 was Yeri’s debut day and she also made her first debut stage as a Red Velvet member by performed on a music shows named M! Countdown on March 18th, 2015. Here’s Yeri’s first appearance with Red Velvet!

Solo Activity

After officially debut, two months after that Yeri got a chance to become an MC on a music program called Show! Music Core along with SHINee’s Minho and VIXX’s N. Yeri was the host/MC for 6 months, started from May 9th, until November 14th, 2015. Then, in July 2016, Yeri started her solo activities by becoming the lead model for a music video of J-Min and Shim Eun-ji in music video entitled “Way Back Home”.  Since then, Yeri has often got offers to play dramas or become a participant in various television programs. In April 2018, Yeri was confirmed as one of the cast for JTBC’s new variety show Secret Unnie which was paired with Han Chae-young. Yeri has also been one of the cast in the reality-documentary program that aired on SBS, named Law of the Jungle in 2019. This program are starred by several guest stars such as Red Velvet’s Yeri, a former leader of iKon B.I (Kim Hanbin), Park Woo Jin, and Gugudan’s Mina, where they all go on adventures in the middle of nowhere and have to survive in wilderness areas such as forest or a desert island. If you want to see Yeri survive in wilderness areas in this program, then watch the video below!

Actually, there are a lot of solo activities that Yeri did, such as producing songs, being an MC on the music shows program, or being a model in several music videos.

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