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British-Zimbabwean actor Born: 1990 (age 31 years), London, United Kingdom Education: Drama Centre London Siblings: Tose Page Nationality: English, Zimbabwean Nominations: Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series He was born in 1990. His birth date is not readily available, so we’re not sure when he’ll turn 31. Born in Zimbabwe, Regé-Jean moved to London as a teenager before enrolling at the Drama Centre London. After focusing on theatre at the beginning of his career, Regé-Jean turned to TV, with appearances in Casualty and Fresh Meat. He also made a blink-and-you’ll-miss it appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, where he can be seen alongside Emma Watson in the chaotic wedding scene. He made more of an impression after starring in Waterloo Road in 2015. Coincidentally, his Bridgerton love interest Phoebe Dynevor cut her teeth on the same show. After that, he headed to the US. He and Malachi Kirby starred in the big budget remake of beloved miniseries Roots, before Regé-Jean was cast in Shonda Rhimes’ legal drama For The People. He must have made an impression: Shonda is a producer on Bridgerton, too. Regé-Jean has also appeared in the Peter Jackson film Mortal Engines, and stars with Tessa Thompson in Sylvie’s Love. Erm, yes! His talents aren’t just limited to acting. Growing up, the actor was in a band called The Super Nashwan Kids who used to play gigs around London. He reflected on his time in the band recently with Square Mile, saying: ‘What else are you going to do as a teenager? You’re going to scream at people one way or another. You might as well do it in a productive way. Was my logic.’ Regé-Jean Page has been largely based in LA since 2016, but naturally has gone between the US and the UK for filming. Regé is pronounced like Reggae, with a hard ‘g.’ Jean is pronounced in the French manner, and Page is pronounced just like it looks. But there is some confusion on this matter as Regé-Jean’s cast mates have called him ‘Reggie’ in interviews, which suggests that he goes by this nickname on set. It looks like Regé-Jean is very much taken. Photos published by the Daily Mail this weekend show the actor hugging writer and part-time footballer Emily Brown, and it’s believed the pair live together in London. Sorry!

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Page was born in London to a Zimbabwean mother who was a nurse and an English father who was a preacher. He is the second youngest of four children and was in a band with his little brother. Page spent his childhood in Harare, Zimbabwe before returning to London for secondary school. After returning to the UK, Page took up acting as a hobby during Saturday school. The National Youth Theatre changed his trajectory. After two years of auditioning, Page was accepted to Drama Centre London, graduating in 2013. Regé-Jean Page is 30 years old. He was born in 1990, although it’s not clear what date his birthday falls on. Regé-Jean Page is around 5ft 11 inches tall. That’s about 1.83m. Regé-Jean Page is a British actor. He was born in Zimbabwe and moved to London when he was 14. In an interview with Interview Magazine, he opened up about his home life as a child: “But throughout that period my family was rather spread out—I have family in South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Grenada, Florida—so you make pit stops and you grow your perspective.” Regé-Jean’s name is pronounced like ‘Reggae’ and Jean is pronounced the French way. Page is pronounced like the word ‘page’. Regé-Jean Page plays Simon Basset in Netflix’s Bridgerton. Simon is the Duke of Hastings who is set on never marrying. Speaking about his role and the importance of diversity and inclusivity within the period drama genre, Regé-Jean told Esquire: “I think it’s immensely important for people to be able to see themselves at their highest elevation. To see that you are worthy of love, romance, glamour, and status.” Regé-Jean Page has been in a number of movies and TV shows before, which is why he may seem familiar to some viewers. On the big screen, he played Khora in Mortal Engines and more recently starred alongside Tessa Thompson in Sylvie’s Love. On TV, Regé-Jean is most well known for his role as Chicken George in the critically acclaimed miniseries Roots and as Leonard Knox in ABC’s For The People. He’s also appeared in UK TV shows Casualty, Fresh Meat and Waterloo Road. Bridgerton is not Regé-Jean’s first time in a Shondaland production. Back in 2018, Regé starred in legal drama For The People. He played the role of Leonard Knox, an Assistant US Attorney. Sadly, the show was cancelled after two seasons and 20 episodes. Regé appeared in all 20 episodes that aired.

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