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Reza Kakavandi (born October 1, 1998, Kermanshah) is a music artist, arranger and composer of film music. Reza Kakavandi’s main style is pop and he has many works in this style. Reza started his work in 1392 and in 2018 released his first and most official piece. Reza is an accounting graduate of the University of Tehran. His fans have also called him the father of Iranian pop music. One of his best works is the album (Kermanshah), which is a mixture of new and traditional styles. Reza Kakavandi is an Iranian singer in the style of rap and non-verbal. He also plays piano, guitar and violin. Most of his works are pop. He was also born on October 1, 1998 in Kermanshah. Reza Kakavandi publishes his works directly on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

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