He is keen to point out that he is of the sign of Scorpio. Since he was a boy he has always had a great passion for social media and so he has come to interest, only on Instagram, over 100,000 followers. He surely he is an ambitious person, but he is also persevering and optimistic. In addition to the online dimension, he loves fitness and also travel, in fact he always likes to know new things, people and places. Robert strives for independence and strongly wishes to make his dreams come true, this with commitment and perseverance. In my time I like to go to the gym, and keep fit. My inspiration is Dwayne Johnson and Cristiano Ronaldo I would like to visit California I would like to remind myself of everything I am doing and will do I would say Dwayne Johnson (the rock) and Cristiano Ronaldo together would be very exciting

I don’t sing in the shower, but I use it as a tool to think I’ve always liked dressing up, I feel like myself I am a dynamic, determined and persevering person and I believe I have many other goals to achieve In some cases, yes, I take it as they come When I wear my elegant dress I feel myself

I still have many goals to achieve, I hope to reach them as soon as possible from an early age I was passionate about fitness Surely my advice is to go to a gym, and be followed by an instructor and never give up My favorite place would be the US but I’m thinking anxhe Dubai 😅 Well the last thing? definitely travel around the world

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