Rocket Punch’ Dahyun’s Profile

Name: Jeong Da Hyun (정다현) Stage name: Dahyun (다현) Nicknames: Chick, Jeong Pro, Jeong-squirrel, Jeong Si Birth Date: April 29th, 2005 Birth Place: Seongnam, South Korea Height: 160 cm (5’3″) Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs) Zodiac: Taurus Chinese Zodiac: Rooster Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Years Active: 2019 – present Occupation: Singer Agency: Woollim Entertainment Group: Rocket Punch

Rocket Punch’ Dahyun’s Fun Facts

If you want to get closer to Dahyun, you must read all Dahyun’s fun facts first. Here are the fun facts about Rocket Punch, Dahyun.

Dahyun trained for 2 years. In 2017, Dahyun joined Woollim Entertainment. Dahyun is a big fan of 2NE1. When she auditioned in Woollim, she sang one of her favorite idols entitled “Lonely”. Dahyun also the biggest fan of CNBLUE and Heize. Dahyun loves pink very much! Dahyun can speak basic English, Chinese, and Korean. Dahyun loves dogs. Dahyun’s hobbies are cleaning the room, watching food shows (mukbang). The Korean food that Dahyun loves are cheese tteokbokki, jjajajangmyeon, and she hates ginger. Dahyun has such an amazing charisma. Before her debut, Dahyun attended an academy called “Born Star Training Center”. When Dahyun was a kid, she wanted to be in a band. Dahyun looks so cute, but actually, she doesn’t like aegyeo. Even though Dahyun looks cold outside, but she is kind and has a soft heart. Dahyun will feel sad if people said something terrible to her, like “I don’t see confidence in you”, but if she heard, “You did great!”.

Dahyun Debut Story With Rocket Punch

Rocket Punch is a girl group formed by Woollim Entertainment which consists of 6 members; they are Suyun, Juri, Yeonhee, Sohee, Yunkyoung, and Dahyun. On July 23rd, 2019, Dahyun officially as a part of Rocket Punch, and she is the first member revealed by the agency and her concept film. Then on July 30th, Woollim Entertainment has uploaded Dahyun’s Prologue. Here is the video!

After that, Rocket Punch officially debut on August 7th, 2019, with releasing their first Extended Play (EP) titled Pink Punch, and their main single is “Bim Bam Bum”. Dahyun and her group are using the girl-crush concept with girly looks. Rocket Punch made its debut stage in various television weekly music programs, such as M! Countdown, on August 8th, 2019. In her group, Dahyun got the position as the youngest member (maknae), and she is also a dancer and vocalist in the group.

Rocket Punch’s Dahyun as a Former SM Trainee

Before being a trainee in Woollim Entertainment, Dahyun has participated in two auditions to enter South Korean agencies such as FNC Entertainment and the big agency SM Entertainment. Dahyun was known as a former trainee from SM Entertainment. Dahyun has outstanding visuals and talent, just like SM Entertainment’s criteria. But in 2017, Dahyun chose to resign and leave the agency, then joined her current agency, Woollim Entertainment.

Dahyun Resemblance to IZ*ONE Member

Dahyun’s visual can’t be doubted anymore. She has a beautiful, cute, and sweet visual. Because of this, Dahyun gets a lot of attention besides her talent. Many people say that Dahyun’s visual is similar to one of IZ*ONE members, Jang Won-young. Netizens were surprised when they saw Dahyun’s concept debut film. They immediately thought that Dahyun and Jang Won-young are siblings. Besides that, the two of them have similarities; they both debuted at a young age.

Rocket Punch’s Dahyun’s Covered Lovelyz’ Songs

Not only has a beautiful face, but Dahyun also has a beautiful voice. This can be proven during Woollim Entertainment’s event, which involved all of their artists under the namea “The Live 3”. Dahyun and Yeonhee got a chance to sing “Rewind” a song by her senior group, Lovelyz. Look at Dahyun’s performance when she sings it!

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