“I can’t handle it” might be the best way to describe the long-awaited feeling for TWICE’s album, but it’s finally here! After several hit singles and five EPs, TWICE finally released a full album. The first TWICE full album is titled Twicetagram, the same name as TWICE’s Instagram account. Twicetagram has 13 tracks with various kinds of music including future pop, uptempo tracks, acoustic pop, upbeat pop dance tracks, and acoustic ballad songs that can be found in this album. Twicetagram is the album that can prove TWICE’s musical growth. One of the tracks that can be looked up to is “Rollin’.” “Rollin’” is the ninth track of the 13-track album. This song has an addictive beat with a retro feeling. “Rollin’” was released at the same time as the Twicetagram album release. It was released on October 30th, 2017, two years after TWICE’s debut.

Background of “Rollin’”

On September 8th, 2017, JYP Entertainment confirmed that TWICE was making preparations for their comeback along with news media that reported TWICE had begun shooting for a music video in Canada. Upon this confirmation at the time, there was still no confirmation about the date of TWICE’s comeback. Not much later on October 15th, 2017, JYP Entertainment released a surprise trailer for TWICE’s upcoming album and officially announced that the comeback was set for October 30th, 2017, with the full album title Twicetagram. The group image teaser was posted on October 19th, 2017, with the concept of a picture taken specifically for an Instagram post. Along with TWICE’s second year anniversary on October 20th, 2017, TWICE also unveiled the details about their upcoming full album. They explained that the album has 13 tracks on it, and the members also participated in writing several of the songs. A day before the album release, TWICE released a highlight medley for the album that contained spoilers for the songs including “Rollin’” which became the ninth track on the Twicetagram album.

Story of “Rollin’”

“I can’t handle it” might become a catchy phrase for the opening of the song “Rollin’” along with the part when the members sang “bingeul-bingeul Rollin’” (빙글빙글빙글 Rollin). “Rollin’” is a song about someone who’s fickle. That person acts like they have an angel and demon inside them because of how fast their mood changes. That’s why they are circling around because their mood keeps changing. They don’t know what happened to them because, one day, they like their crush, but, one day, they are mad at that person. It’s confusing to them as there’s no answer in the book for what is going on with them. And, it makes them sensitive because when they tell their friend about their situation, they get teased by their friends, and that’s why all they can do is vent on SNS. This song suits the concept of the album as to SNS often being used to vent someone’s emotions. This song has a retro feel and is written by Earattack and Yooki. The music composer for “Rollin’” was Earattack with the help of Fox Stevenson who also became the producer for “Rollin’.” You can take a listen to the song “Rollin’” by clicking the audio below!


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