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Ruhool Ahmad Kawa, popularly known as RAK, is a poet from Malikpora Jammu and Kashmir, India . He is known for his poems, Music videos and books. Ruhool is a former YouTuber and content creator. He is known for his liberal and monotheistic views. Ruhool Ahmad Kawa is an Indian Poet,The poet was born on 9 January 2001 in Malikpora Sonawari Jammu and Kashmir, india. Ruhool Ahmad Kawa had a lot of interest in poetry since his childhood. At the age of 14 he got the support of his family and joined a Musharia. Ruhool Ahmad Kawa is 20 years old now. This young musician has a secondary education from Model higher secondary School Sumbal. Later he took admission in Government degree College Sumbal and at present he is studying in Government degree college sumbal. Father Mohammad jaffar kawa Ruhool Ahmad Kawa published his first book “Genocide of Kashmiri Shias” in 2021 At the age of 21, Ruhool Ahmad Kawa height is 1.54 m. His weight is 55kg . Ruhool Ahmad Kawa was born on January 9, 2001 (age 21) in India He is a celebrity artist His weight is 55kg His height is 1.54 m He has Black hair His eyes color are Blue Social profiles YouTube: Facebook : Spotify Google:

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