In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Running Man episodes from 2020 that hold the record for high ratings. So stay tuned!

Episode 492

Episode 492 aired on March 1, 2020. Senior actress Bae Jong-ok and actress Shin Hye-sun appeared as guests to promote their latest drama. Each team member was assigned missions to complete, and they received rewards and money if they successfully completed the mission. Cast members and guests were divided into two different teams and whichever team earned the most money would receive a present, while the team that earned the least would receive a penalty. The episode was called Decision! One Hundred Bag.

On one of the missions, the two teams competed to take down as many bowling pin as possible in a human bowling alley. Cast members and guests rolled toward the pins with their eyes closed. At each side of the alley, there are sticky areas. They only have one minute to complete the task. To make it harder, people who got stuck in the sticky areas could block opponents from completing the task. Yoo Jae-suk told other the members to follow his instructions, but he ended up failing and got stuck in the sticky plane in a very shameful pose. He missed the straight alley and went to the sticky area directly. He got stuck with his crotch right in front of the camera.

Song Ji-hyo started the game well, but failed to complete the mission on time because Jeon So-min blocked her before heading to the pins. She was furious, and funnily hit her several times.

At the end, Ji Suk-jin and Bae Jong-ok finished with highest sum of money and received a special present. Ji Suk-jin kindly gave the present to Sin Hye-sun, and wished her drama to become a success.  Senior actress Bae Jong-ok was very thrilled after receiving the special present and funnily ignored Yoo Jae-suk when he asked her to say the final words. Episode 492 recorded the highest viewers rating with 8.1%.

Episode 486

Episode 486 aired on January 19, 2020. Four beautiful guests, Kang Han-na, Keum Sae-rok, Lee Jooyoung, and Park Cho-rong collaborated with cast members in an episode themed Card, We are going to trade now. Cast members and guests were divided into six different teams and each team competed in a mission to collect secret cards and complete tasks. The winner received a premium food set and household electronics. Episode 486 recorded a 7.5% viewers rating.

APINK’s leader, Park Cho-rong, showed her hapkido skill to the show’s cast members and guests. She has been practicing hapkido for eight years, and is well known for her skill. During the guest introduction scene, Yoo Jae-suk asked her to show some hapkido moves. They expected a mere hapkido pose or steps from Park Cho-rong, but she showed them a perfect one-handed side cartwheel. All the guests and members wre surprised and immediately praised her hapkido skill.

Kang Han-na asked Kim Jong-kook and Lee Kwang-soo to make an acrostic poem based on her name. The person with the best poem would be selected as her partner in the episode. Kim Jong-kook acted cute and made an awkward poem. At his side, Lee Kwang-soo looked at him with a completely disgusted expression.

Geum Sae-rok and Lee Joo-young approached Kim Jong-kook, wishing to be selected as his partner. Both of them were good friends. Kim Jong-kook refused their approaches because they chose him to get a better chance at winning.

Jeon So-min approached Yang Se-chan for a chance to be his mission partner. She acted cute and tried to seduce him with cute winks and a wide smile. Yang Se-chan couldn’t hide his feelings and immediately accepted Jeon So-min’s approach.

Episode 500

On the special 500th episode, several members of popular girl groups participated in Running Man. The episode was aired on April 26, 2020. Cast members and guests were divided into several groups for the Greedy Camping Race mission. Jeon So-min was absent due to an injury, but she participated as a greedy host. Each group had to compete in finding clues and solve the tasks to eliminate the greedy host. Yang Se-chan and Song Ji-hyo’s team won and received a special gift. Song Ji-hyo received music instruments while Yang Se-chan visited the injured member, Jeon So-min, at her house to cheer her. Episode 500 recorded 7.4% viewer ratings.

APINK members Park Chorong, Bomi, and Chungha, Lovelyz’s Miju, and Weki Meki’s Yoo Jung greeted Running Man fans and talked about their recent activities. On that day, APINK launched their latest single, Dumhdurum. Chorong and Bomi even showed the choreography for Dumhdurum.

Yang Se-chan and Ha-ha found valuable hints under a tree that led to Jeon So-min. At the time, Jeon So-min was absent because of injury but all the clue pointed to her.

For the final mission, one member must defeat other group in the Cham-cham game, while their partner had to drive through a conveyor belt with series of colorful beads on top of the belt. Yang Se-chan deliberately lost so that Song Ji-hyo could drive through the colorful beads. Cast members conspired so that Lee Kwang-soo had to go through the conveyor belt once again.

Episodes 493 & 494

Episode 493 aired on March 8, 2020 and recorded 7.2% of viewer ratings. The mission was held at the SBS Broadcasting Center in Seoul. Kang Tae-oh, Kim Na-hee, Lee Na-eun, and Yura made special guest appearances on the Bury and Throw in Double mission. Cast members and guests were divided into six groups, and each group competed to gather the most money during the race. The group that accumulated most money was the winner, while the group with the least amount of money would receive a penalty. Yang Se-chan and Yura completed the mission perfectly and received a premium beef set.

Song Ji-hyo arrived at the Running Man set wearing a retro fashion style. Her clothes resembled actress Kim Hye-soo’s style in the nineties. Cast members felt a little bit burdensome because the slapstick guy, Lee Kwang-soo, was injured in a car accident and had to have surgery on his ankle.

Yang Se-han and Jeon So-min’s team managed to make Yoo Jae-suk burst into laughter. They imitated the famous scene with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the romantic Hollywood movie Ghost. Even though Yoo Jae-suk expected to find some funny scenes, he didn’t expect that kind of funny scene

Song Ji-hyo and Ji Seok-jin’s team imitated the cute choreography of Zico’s Any Song. Jeon So-min couldn’t restrain her laughter when she saw Ji Seok-jin. However, as soon as Song Ji-hyo appeared from the alley, Jeon So-min started laughing.

Episode 489

Episode 489 recorded a 7.1% viewership rating when it aired on February 9, 2020. There were no special guests, and cast members had to compete with each other. The theme for episode 489 was Outgoing Race. Before filming, each member had to bring two important itmes. One had to be very meaningful as a present, and the other item had to be precious but could be thrown away immediately.

Song Ji-hyo brought two kind of bicycles, a pixy bicycle and unused bicycle. All the cast members were surprised when she showed the condition of pixy bicycle. It was clean and neat. However, they became suspicious about the bicycle since she couldn’t tell the passcode for the bicycle. The entire cast suspected that Song Ji-hyo had stolen it.

Haha brought a solo drinking dispenser for Jeon So-min. Since she likes drinking alcohol alone, Haha wanted to give the dispenser as a present. The dispenser could automatically pour alcohol into a glass.

Yoo Jae-suk prepared a complete set of his alter ego Yoo San-seul’s memorabilia. Yoo Jae-suk promoted himself as a trot singer and released music singles. Other cast members made a punt and criticized him by saying that it was a way of promoting Yoo San-seul. That was all the information about Running Man episodes from 2020 that recorded high ratings. Which one is your favorite episode? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment section below.

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