<2>Sahira Kazmi 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki Pakistani actor Spouse: Rahat Kazmi (m. 1974) Parents: Shyam, Mumtaz Qureshi Children: Ali Kazmi Siblings: Shakir Shyam Ansari Movies: Zikr Hai Kai Saal Ka Sahira Ansari the daughter of Shyam and Mumtaz Qureshi started her acting career from PTV’s Rawalpindi center based in Chaklala, Rawalpindi in mid 1970’s. Parchhayian and Teesra Kinara are her famous dramas where she was paired with Rahat Kazmi who was a famous star by then. Sahira and Rahat married in late 1970’s as well thus Sahira Ansari became Sahira Kazmi. Later Sahira joined Pakistan television Karachi centre as a permanent employee and worked as director/producer. She directed many notable dramas like Tappish, Dhoop Kinaray, Aahat, Hawwa Ki Beti, Nijaat and Zaibunnissa. Dhoop Kinaray is the most famous play of Sahira Kaazmi. Apart from Dhoop Kinaray all famous plays of Sahira are based on socio-political issues, Tappish was the story of a student leader; Aahat, Nijaat, Hawwa Ki Beti and Zaibunnisa dealt with multiple issues like plight of women, domestic violence and poverty. After Nijaat in 1993, there is a gap of few years after which she returned to direction with a play named Tum Se Kehna Thaa a fantasy story inspired from English film ‘While you were sleeping’. Afterwards she directed Zaibunnisa which was her last famous drama. Sahira also directed many tele films, like the classic ‘Rozee‘ starring Moeen Akhtar, Zikr Hai Kai Saal Kaa starring Rahat Kazmi and Attiqa Odho. <2>Sahira Kazmi 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

<2>Sahira Kazmi 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki As a director Sahira totally overshadowed her acting career. She is definitely one of the leading directors in the history of television in general and Pakistan Television in particular. Sahira Kaxmi is known for her innovative work. She also produced few music programs from PTV Karachi centre. Alamgir’s famous song Dekha Na Tha Kabhi Hum Nay Yeh Saman was produced by Sahira Kazmi. Sahira also surprised the audience with the song ‘Tere Ishq Mein Jo Bhi Doob Gaya’, which was a fusion of Sindhi and Urdu starring legendary folk singer Allan Faqeer and pop star Muhammad Ali Shehki. Sahira and Rahat live happily in Karachi. The couple has two children Ali Kazmi (son) and Nida Kazmi (daughter). Sahira studied at St. Joseph College College Karachi. Her biological father Sunder Shyam Chadda was a Hindi film actor. He married a Muslim, Mumtaz Qureshi (nickname “Taji”) from whom he had two children, Sahira and Shakir. Shyam passed away in a tragic incident in 1951 during the shooting of film Shabistan. He died after falling while riding a horse. After tragic death of Shyam , Mumtaz with her two kids migrated back to her home town Lahore which was now part of newly created state of Pakistan. However Mumtaz remarried a Pakistani entrepreneur with the surname Ansari and lead a low profile life away from media. The children of Mumtaz and Shyam i.e Sahira and Shaakir grew up in Pakistan and earned prominent positions in their respective fields as well. Both Shakir and Sahira amended their surnames and became Shakir Shayam-Ansari and Sahira Ansari.

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