Twice made its debut under JYP Entertainment in 2015, and Twice has become one of the most popular girl groups in South Korea. They have many fans all around the world with many good and popular songs included in their albums. One of the songs from Twice that we will talk about in this article is entitled “Say Something.” This song is included in Twice’s 2nd full album that was released by JYP Entertainment and Republic Record on October 26, 2020, called Eyes Wide Open with the lead single “I Can’t Stop Me.” Here is the full audio version of “Say Something” that was uploaded on Twice’s Official YouTube account:

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Twice and the success of the previous EP, More & More, JYP Entertainment announced that Twice will have their comeback with the 2nd full album called Eyes Wide Open. The album consists of 13 songs which include “Say Something” as the 12th track and “I Can’t Stop Me” for the lead single. According to Jihyo, “Eyes wide open to a new sense” is a suitable phrase that can be used for the message and the title of the group album. Here are some of the teaser photos of “Say Something” by Twice:

The Group Photo Teaser










“Say Something” is a song from Twice that is included on their 2nd full album called Eyes Wide Open which was written, composed, and arranged by Jung Ho-hyun ( and Iggy. Both of them worked together for the song that is the 12th track on the album. The song was released by JYP Entertainment and Republic Record on October 26, 2020. This song describes the feelings of confusion and sadness of a woman who is looking and waiting for news of her relationship with her loved one. The lyrics also show feelings of longing for someone for a long time. This song heavily features Japanese city-pop accompanied by a groovy electric guitar and bass riffs that are accented by a piano and electric synth keyboard. “Say Something” does not have an official MV released by JYP Entertainment and Republic Records as this song is only set as the 12th track in Twice’s 2nd full album called Eyes Wide Open that released on October 26, 2020, for their 5th anniversary. Here are the lyrics of “Say Something” by Twice:

Special for you, we have some of the live performance videos of “Say Something” by Twice that maybe you want to see. “Say Something” by Twice was performed on Twice’s 5th Anniversary Special Live.

Here is the “Say Something” by Twice live stage in the Lotte Duty Free Online Concert.

Released on October 26, 2020, as the 12th track for Twice’s 2nd full album called Eyes Wide Open for their 5th anniversary, “Say Something” has achieved many things ok the charts. Here are the details of “Say Something.” Achievements: Song Charts

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