“Say Yes” is a song released on April 9, 2018, through JYP Entertainment. This song serves as the fifth track of their sixth extended play (EP) album titled What Is Love? In the track listing, “Say Yes” is the fourth side track out of a total of five side tracks on this EP album. To introduce “Say Yes,” Twice released a preview video of this EP album. This video is titled “TWICE ‘What Is Love’ 30 Sec. Player.” Like the title, this video is filled with a 30-second snippet of each track in this EP album. The full version of “Say Yes” can be listened to through the EP album, Twice’s official YouTube channel, and their Spotify. You can listen to “Say Yes” by clicking the video here.

The preview of “Say Yes” can be seen through the 30-second player video. You can see the 30-seconds player video here.

Background of “Say Yes”

The agency of Twice, JYP Entertainment, announced on February 26, 2018, that Twice had a plan to release an album in June 2018. The album title What Is Love? was revealed on March 25. On that day, it was also revealed that the release of the album would be on April 9. Starting from the following day until March 28, Twice released their group and individual teaser photos. Also, on March 28, the agency released an incomplete tracklist poster. Through this incomplete poster, it was unveiled that the lead single’s title had the same name as the EP album. After that, on March 29, Twice uploaded a group image teaser with a second tracklist poster. Through this second poster, some of their side tracks were revealed. These two side tracks were written by some of the members, Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung, and Jihyo. From March 30 until March 31, the second batch of their individual teaser photos was spread through the Internet. A completed tracklist poster was released on March 30. From this completed tracklist poster, we can see that the EP album would feature six songs, one lead single and five side tracks. But, from all of these side tracks, there’s one side track that can only be listened to with the album’s physical edition. This side track is titled “Stuck,” and it became the last side track of this EP album. You can see their completed tracklist poster for the What Is Love? EP album here. After that, on April 1, the group released the lead single’s full lyrics. Starting from April 2 until April 6, the group released the lead single’s music video teasers. There were five music video teasers that were uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube channel. The 30-second player video was also released through their official YouTube channel on April 7. On the following day, April 8, Twice released their cover image for the digital release. You can see their cover image for the digital release here. Finally, on April 9, the EP album was released digitally through Twice’s official YouTube channel and Spotify. The physical album was released the next day on April 10. After the release day, Twice promoted the “What Is Love?” lead single and some side tracks in various music programs. The “Stuck” song, which was originally only for the physical release, was released through their official YouTube and Spotify on April 30.

Story of “Say Yes”

“Say Yes” was written, composed, and arranged by Monotree, a music production company based in South Korea. Monotree has collaborated with many K-pop groups and soloists, including Twice. This song is about loving someone awkwardly. Whenever someone sees that person, he/she won’t become his/her usual self because he/she feels awkward.

MV of “Say Yes”

As a side track, there’s no music video released for “Say Yes.” The only music video that is available from this EP album is the music video for the lead single “What Is Love?”

“Say Yes” Performance

“Say Yes” was promoted on several K-pop music programs such as M Countdown on Mnet K-pop, Music Bank on KBS World TV, Show Music Core on MBCkpop, and Inkigayo on SBS. You can see their performances on K-pop music programs by clicking these videos here.

After several months and years, they performed this song in their Halloween-themed fan meeting with Once in October 2018. They also performed “Say Yes” at various music award programs like Rock Music Awards in January 2019 and Golden Disc Awards in February 2020. You can see their performance at a music award program by clicking the video here.

“Say Yes” Achievements

“Say Yes” has charted on several song charts in various countries. You can see the table below for the song’s peak positions on every chart.

Say Yes  2018  by Twice - 38Say Yes  2018  by Twice - 21Say Yes  2018  by Twice - 53