To introduce “Scorpion,” Warner Music Japan released a full version of this song and an instrumental version of the whole song. You can listen to “Scorpion” by clicking this video below.

An instrumental version of “Scorpion” can be listened to through this video below.

Background of “Scorpion”: The Release Story of “Better” and “Scorpion”

September 16th – November 9th: The Release of Successful #Twice3, the Official Announcement, and the Release of Image Teasers, Behind-the-Scene Videos, and the Music Video Teaser Two months before the release of Better, Twice released #Twice3, their third compilation album, on September 16th, 2020, in Japan. #Twice3 was a very successful album, making Twice a record breaker. They set a new record as a group with the highest number of sales by a female foreign artist in Japan. Six days after the #Twice3 release, on September 23rd, 2020, Warner Music Japan announced the upcoming release of Twice’s next Japanese single. Through this announcement, it was revealed that the single would be titled “Better.” On that day also, they uploaded several image teasers, both individual teasers and group teasers, to give some spoilers about the single. You can see one of their group photo teasers here. From October 7th until 8th, Twice shared two behind-the-scene videos during their photoshoot. They gave titles to these videos with two questions, “What Is Better?” and “What Makes You Better?” Two days before the single was released (November 9th), they unveiled a music video teaser for “Better.”

November 11th – 18th: The Release Day of “Better” and “Scorpion”

At last, “Better” was released digitally on various music sites on November 11th, 2020. Warner Music Japan released the single alongside the sidetrack titled “Scorpion.” They also released a whole instrumental version of both “Better” and “Scorpion.” A music video for “Better” was released on November 11th, too. The single and the sidetrack were physically released on November 18th, seven days after the digital release. There were four versions of the physical album that were released on that day. Those four versions were the Regular Edition, First Press Limited Edition A, First Press Limited Edition B, and Once Japan Limited Edition. Every version had different components. For example, The First Press Limited Edition A is filled with a behind-the-scene video of when the members were shooting the “Better” music video. Limited Edition A is also filled with another extra video, which was a video of the members’ shooting the jacket photos for this single. Those videos weren’t in other versions of the album. Otherwise, you would get a folded poster if you buy the Once Japan Limited Edition. The Regular Edition contained only the CD with a trading card without any extra videos or posters.

Story of “Scorpion”: A Track About a Fate for Loving Someone

Kiee wrote the lyrics of “Scorpion.” The composers of “Scorpion” were Julia Ross, Krysta Youngs, and Woo Minlee. Woo Minlee is a part of Collapsedone, a production music team that has produced and composed many K-pop songs from various artists. Woo Minlee also arranged this song. “Scorpion” is a song that describes a girl realizing that her fate has been obviously defined by a horoscope. From this horoscope, the girl is fated to meet someone that she loves. So, the girl asks for help from a desert scorpion to grant her wish to reach her lover. Through the lyrics, she says that she wants to walk in the middle of a desert to reach an oasis and meet her lover. Despite all the evil laughter and mocking from others, she still wants to reach the oasis and find her future with her lover.

MV of “Scorpion”

As a side track, there’s no music video for “Scorpion.” There’s only a music video made for “Better,” the lead single.

“Scorpion” Performance: Special Stage by Warner Music Japan

“Scorpion” was performed once on a special stage made by Warner Music Japan. The members performed this song in a room, like a living room, dominated by purple walls. Because there’s no choreography made for “Scorpion,” the members performed this song by sitting on dining chairs. You can see their performance by clicking this video below.

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