Lea’s Profile

Léa was born on August 12, 1995, which also made her becoming the Leo squad of the zodiac sign. She was born with the birth name Ogawa Mizuki since her nationality was Japanese, and her hometown was in Tokyo. When she was a debut with Secret Number, she was using Léa as her stage name. Her blood type is B. Meanwhile; she has 170 cm of height. In Secret Number, she was the leader as well as a vocalist. She also the last Secret Number member to be revealed.

Interesting Facts

Léa was cast on the streets while she was shopping with her mother in Japan. In 2013 until 2014, she was a member of SKarf to replace the former member Sol. Her stage name in SKarf was Hana. Léa used to join Alpha Entertainment, but then she left in 2015. She is also attending CJ E&M Music from 2015 until 2016. Léa also participated in survival show MIXNINE, but she was eliminated in episode 7 while she was in #109 rank. She used to known as an actress and appeared through the movie School Days with a Pig. Léa was a massive fan of Apink, Ariana Grande, and Sunmi. They were also her role-model. She loved taking pictures, relaxing a bath, and also went hiking. Léa has a dog. She was closed with Weki Meki’s Suyeon since both of them used to be in the same trainee team. She has a brother who also a Japanese musical actor.

Dita’s Profile

Dita was born on December 25, 1996, with the real name Anak Agung Ayu Puspita Aditya Karang. Her zodiac sign was Capricorn. She came from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, but also born as Balinese. In Secret Number, she was the fourth member to be revealed, the principal dancer and lead vocalist. Her blood type was A and has 163 cm of height. Dita Karang was her stage name.

Interesting Facts

She was pursuing a musical drama career before decided to become an idol. She went for multiple musical drama audition, but only got small roles. She was studying in New York because she loves Broadway, and alumni of AMDA College and Conservatory. Dita was tried to audition for several K-Pop Entertainment agency, but she didn’t make it. She used to listen to 2NE1, which also made her wanted to become an idol. She also loves TWICE and IU. Dita was auditioned for VINE Entertainment in New York and selected to be their trainee since July 2017. Before her debut, she was attending 1 MILLION Dance Studio and BORN Star Attaining Center Academy. She loved sports, especially basketball. She also enjoys cooking, dancing, and drawing. She closes with Jinny and Z-Girls’ Vanya. Dita has a younger sister.

Jinny’s Profile

Jinny was born on January 20, 1998, with the birth name Jinny Park and Korean name Park Jin-hee. Her zodiac sign was Aquarius. She was a Korean-American born that came from California. Jinny could speak both Korean and English but also fluent in Mandarin. In Secret Number, she was the first member to be revealed, main rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist. Her blood type was B and has 165 cm of height. Jinny was her stage name.

Interesting Facts

She used to be YG Entertainment’s trainee for five years, and involved within Future 2NE1 and Pink Punk lineup (pre-debut BLACKPINK lineup) but being removed before they were debuting. Jinny was joined Produce 48 after she left YG Entertainment and ranked on #69. Her specialty was rapping, and also loves to write music or produce it. She has been released three singles on her Sound Cloud. She loved to done make-up and reading during her free time. She was a fan of Justin Bieber, 2NE1, and BIGBANG. Jinny also friends with former members THE BOYZ’s Hwall. She has two cats, Mochi and BD. She has an older sister named Anne.

Soodam’s Profile

Soodam was born on November 19, 1999, with the real name Lee Soo-dam and originally Korean. Her zodiac sign was Scorpio. She was the visual, center, lead vocalist, and lead dancer, as well as the third member to be revealed in Secret Number. Her blood type was A and 167 cm of height. Soodam was her stage name.

Interesting Facts

Soodam used to know as ulzzang. She also learned traditional Korean dancing, which made her realized that she loves to perform on stage. She was known as a charming person. Her name has the meaning of “shining pond.” Soodam has dimples, which also shown when she was laughing or smile. During her free time, Soodam loves cooking, watching beauty vlogs, or buying skincare products. Soodam understands English, but she couldn’t speak it. She loves to perform on stage, and her desire is to performing different genres during the stage performance. Bae Suzy was her role-model. Soodam is also close to Seo Eun-Kyo, a soloist under VINE Entertainment.

Denise’s Profile Denise was born on January 11, 2001, in Texas, USA, as Korean-American with the real name Denise Kim. Her zodiac sign was Capricorn. In Secret Number, Denise was the make, main vocalist, and the second member to be revealed. Her blood type was O and has 168 cm of height. Denise was her stage name.

Interesting Facts

Denise used to be YG Entertainment’s trainee in 2016, which also made her closed with Jinny. She appeared in Kpop Star 5 as a part of the Mazinga group. She could play the guitar. Denise has been released four single on her SoundCloud. Denise loves to do photography, baking, and learning new recipes during her free time. She was a fan of The Band CAMINO, 1975, Panic! At The Disco, and Tori Kelly. Even her role-model was Tori Kelly. Denise also loves BLACKPINK and being friends with the members. She has a dog and rabbits.

Official Debut

As we have already known, Secret Number was a rookie girl group that also formed under VINE Entertainment and consisting of five members. Mostly, their members used to participated in the K-Pop industry or also known for their visual appearance as well! Secret Number has officially made the first debut on May 19, 2020. It was scheduled on March 26, 2020, and then it was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak at that time. Were they releasing Who Dis? As the first single debut along with the music video. Moreover, the music video has received more than 15 million viewers! There was also Holiday which was included as their debut single as well. Then their debut stage has happened within their performance on Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN music program! The meaning behind ‘Secret Number’ as their group name also stands for their secret or the particular Number for their passwords or other PIN code as well, such as birth dates. Not only that, but they also wanted to give the ‘special’ meaning behind their group name for everyone, especially their fans! Who Dis? Official Music Video

Who Dis? Debut Stage

Who Dis? Live Performance

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