Then again, we can’t force the idols to speak English since it’s not their first language. Not every Korean can speak English well, after all, sometimes they are too shy to speak in English. Anyway, there are idols that you don’t need to feel worried about since they also speak English as their second language or even native language. For example, the idols who were born and raised in English-speaking countries. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the idols that speak not only in Korean and English, but also Spanish and other languages too. Let’s meet Jinny Park from Secret Number!

Secret Number’s Jinny’s Profile

Jinny is in charge of the main rapper and sub-vocal position in Secret Number. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, to Korean parents. However, she can speak both Korean and English fluently. Let’s find out more things about Jinny in the profile of Jinny down below! Full name: Park Jinhee/Jinny Park Korean Stage Name: 진희 Korean Real Name: 박진희 Stage Name: Jinny Nickname: Pink Princess Birthplace: Los Angeles, California Nationality: Korean-American (dual citizenship) Height: 165 cm Weight: 46 kg Foot size: 235–240 mm Birthday: January 20th, 1998 Zodiac Sign: Carpicorn Chinese Zodiac: Tiger Position: Main rapper, sub-vocalist Occupation: Singer, idol Religion: Protestant Hobbies: Writing lyrics, doing make-up, playing with cats, etc. Specialties: Rap, rap making, writing lyrics, composing songs Blood type: B Family: Parents, older sister Debut: 2020 Agency: Vine Entertainment

Secret Number’s Jinny’s Facts

We have seen the profile of Jinny which has given us some understanding of the essential things about her. It seems that Jinny really likes to rap, so no wonder she’s chosen as the main rapper of Secret Number. But do you know that Jinny is actually a former trainee of YG Entertainment? She also really likes BIGBANG and 2NE1! Woah, she really looks up to the masters. Anyway, there are more things about Jinny that we probably don’t know. Let’s see the list of Jinny’s interesting facts in the sections below!

Jinny really likes cats. She has two cats at her house. Jinny can write rap lyrics and compose songs. It was said that Jinny has made over 100 songs. Jinny learned Spanish in the States so she can speak Spanish too. Jinny has been a trainee for around seven years. She became a trainee when she was 14 years old. Before joining Vine Entertainment, Jinny released her songs through SoundCloud. Jinny can speak a little bit of Indonesian. Jinny is friends with former YG trainees such as Miyeon, and Blackpink members. There was a pre-debut picture rumored to be Jinny and Junhoe of Ikon that was released online. Jinny likes pizza and cakes. As for fruit, she likes strawberries. When she joined Produce 48, Jinny was an individual trainee, meaning that she didn’t belong to any company. Jinny got the nickname Pink Princess because she likes pink. Jinny is a big fan of Haruto of Treasure. Before debuting as a member of Secret Number, Jinny had a personal Instagram account and often went live or had a QnA there.

Secret Number’s Jinny’s Pre-Debut

After seeing Jinny’s profile and some interesting facts about her, there might be something that popped up in your mind. Which is a question about Jinny’s decision, why did she choose to be a K-pop idol? Well, she came all the way from Los Angeles to Seoul. Even though there are other K-pop idols who were originally from Los Angeles too, but it must have been quite a big deal to decide to leave her hometown and go to Seoul, don’t you think? Well, let’s check out Jinny’s pre-debut story instead of just wondering about her early life! As you already know from Jinny’s profile, she was born with the Korean name, Park Jinhee. But since Jinny was born and raised in Los Angeles, she used an English name that has a similar pronunciation with her Korean name, Jinny Park. Jinny spent her childhood and teenage life with her family: which are her parents and an older sister, in Los Angeles, California. That’s why Jinny can speak English fluently since she is a native, after all. Growing up in the States, Jinny has been in love with rap music. She also listened to K-pop since she has Korean descent from her parents. That made her join an audition for a K-pop agency. Jinny was accepted as a trainee of YG Entertainment, one of the biggest K-pop companies in Korea. Also, at that time, YG Entertainment was the home of hip-hop musicians in Korea, for example, BIGBANG or Psy. Jinny was so lucky that she could enter YG Entertainment, the agency of her idols, 2NE1 and BIGBANG. She flew to Korea and became a trainee when she was 14 years old. She was brave enough to leave her hometown for a tough life as a trainee in Korea. Jinny trained for years in YG Entertainment. She trained with her fellow trainees there, some of them are Blackpink members, Miyeon from (G)I-dle, IKON, and WINNER. Jinny was even rumored to be part of the next YG Entertainment new girl group along with other female trainees who were Kim Jisoo, Park Chaeyoung, Cho Miyeon, Kim Jennie, and Yuna Kim. As you can see, Jinny’s fellow trainees made a debut in other girl groups such as Blackpink and (G)I-dle. It seems that Jinny’s path wasn’t destined to be there. Then again, we like her for what she is now, Jinny is now in a good place!

Secret Number’s Jinny in Produce 48

After being rumored to be one of the members of YG Entertainment’s new girl group, Jinny left the company. People probably started to worry about her because she wasn’t in the line-up for Blackpink, the “YG Entertainment new girl group” that had been rumored to be her group. But in 2018, Jinny came back on TV with much more surprises. She joined Produce 48, the survival program of a hundred trainees that later on will be debuted as a temporary girl group. In the introduction video, Jinny showed everyone that she is a whole-hearted 2NE1 fan, BLACKJACK, by singing the rap part of 2NE1’s song “I Am The Best”. She also showed the audience her specialty, which is rap.

Let’s see the performances of Jinny in Produce 48!

What do you think of Jinny’s performances in Produce 48? Although she did great, she wasn’t included in the line-up of the girl group project that debuted after Produce 48, which we know as IZ*ONE. Then again, Jinny still did a great job. She found a new home, Vine Entertainment, the agency that later debuted her as an idol.

Secret Number’s Jinny’s Debut

Jinny’s journey to be an idol was quite hard. She flew to Korea when she was so young, she trained so hard for years, she left her hometown and family. She waited for almost seven years until she finally made sure that she was in the right place. In late 2019, Jinny told her fans on her personal Instagram that she will be debuting as a member of a new girl group of Vine Entertainment. Not only Jinny, but another former trainee of YG Entertainment, Denise, was also there with her. Since Jinny’s name had already been going around the internet for years, fans had been expecting Jinny’s debut as well as other members, too. The girl group is called Secret Number, it consists of five talented members, which are Lea, Dita, Jinny, Soodam, and Denise.

In May 2020, Vine Entertainment released the debut teaser for Secret Number. They released Jinny’s individual teaser on May 10th, 2020. It really shows how pretty and cute Jinny is in the teaser video. And now, let’s see the music video of Secret Number’s debut song “Who Dis?” which was released on May 19th, 2020!

What do you think about Secret Number’s debut song? They really performed their first title track really well, right? Let us know your favorite part in the comment section!

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