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Secret Number’ Soodam’s Profile

Name: Lee Soo Dam (이수담) Stage name: Soodam (이수담) Birthday date: November 9, 1999 Birthday place: Seoul, South Korea Height : 165 (5’4″) Zodiac sign: Scorpio Chinese zodiac: Rabbit Blood type: A Nationality: Korean Religion : Protestantism MBTI: ISFP Years active: 2020 – present Agency: VINE Entertainment Group: Secret Number

Secret Number’ Soodam’s Facts

If you want to get to know Soodam, you should also read the facts about her below!

Lee Soodam graduated from Sunhwa Arts Middle School, Sunhwa Arts High School. Soodam is a student of Ewha Women’s University, majoring in dance and Korean dance. Soodam has braces. Everybody calls “Dami” as her nickname. Soodam eats a lot of Kimchi, and she loves salmon fish. Soodam has a charming point is on his dimples and cute eyes. Soodam is like a girl in general who likes make-up. Shopping and watching movies are Soodam’s hobbies. Denise and Dita are Soodam’s roommates. Soodam enjoys performing on stage. Soodam understands English, but she can’t speak it. Bae Suzy is her role model. Soodam is good at cooking. Soodam once had an Instagram account @soodam._. but deactivate after debut.

Debut With Secret Number

Secret Number is the 2nd girl group after S#aFLA that form by VINE Entertainment agency. The group consists of 5 members, namely Denies, Lea, Dita, Jinny, and Soodam. The member comes from several countries besides South Korea. VINE Entertainment released its debut teaser on December 17, 2019. Initially, they would be debuting on March 26, 2020, but it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, Soodam and the group officially debut on May 19, 2020, with their 1st single titled “Who Dis?”. Soodam and her group use the concept of girl crush with a different character of members. Soodam is in charge of the visual, the lead dancer, and the sub-vocalist. Before the group officially debut, Soodam was the 3rd member revealed by the agency as a Secret Number member on May 12, 2020. In the same year, which is on November 4th, Soodam and the group made their first comeback by releasing “Got That Boom” with a more energetic concept and music. Here is Soodam’s performance on “Got That Boom”!

Soodam Was an Ulzzang Before Debut

What is ulzzang? Ulzang is a popular term in South Korea which means the “most handsome/beautiful”. It can happen through a voting contest on the internet, where their photos will be judge and vote on by voters. As happened with Soodam before her debut as an idol, Soodam is called a Korean ulzzang whose face is considered the most beautiful. Soodam’s face has a good proportion and can captivate her fans when Soodam smiles or shows her fierce face. It’s no wonder that in Secret Number, Soodam is called the visual of the group. Let’s take a look at some of Soodam’s photos when he was referred to as an ulzzang!

Resemblances to BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Red Velvet’s Irene

Since her debut, many K-Pop fans have said that Soodam’s visuals are stunning and perfect for being an idol. Soodam got a lot of attention for her visuals that shocked K-pop fans because she was similar to Red Velvet’s Irene. Soodam and Irene have similar face shapes, skin tones, eye shapes and have the same vibes, which are cute and fierce. Besides called has resemblances to Irene, Soodam also seems like the oldest BLACKPINK’ member, Jisoo, because of her smile. Soodam is called the combination of Irene and Jisoo, where they all have the visuals that Koreans like the most.

Soodam Involved in School Bullying Rumors!

Not long after her debut, Soodam immediately became the center of attention apart from her visual. On May 19, 2020, there’s a nasty rumor about her. That’s because people uploaded something terrible on social media stating that Soodam was the perpetrator in the bullying case at her school. Soodam was also mentioned as an alcohol drinker when she was in Junior High School and brought it to school. Soodam is said to have done something illegal by drinking alcohol at age isn’t sufficient. The agency then objected and denied it, and they also didn’t hesitate to bring the case to legal action. Many fans did not believe the rumors that befell Soodam, including you, right? That’s all information about Secret Number’s Soodam that you should know! Soodam is really talented and gorgeous, right? Don’t forget to put your thought about this article in the comment section!

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