Even when he was involved in acting projects and meet other female co-stars, Seo In-guk happened to develop such good chemistry with them as if they were dating for real. It somehow made people wonder and curious about Seo In-guk’s love story in real life. Let’s get to know everything about Seo In-guk’s love story, potential wife, to his dating rumors through this article by Channel Korea!

Seo In-guk is Likely Single and Doesn’t Have a Wife

Seo In-guk is well-known as a singer and actor under Jellyfish Entertainment who has starred in various dramas and movies, even released some hit singles as well. The actor gained more recognition after starring in the fantasy-romance drama Doom at Your Service alongside Park Bo-young. The way he played the fantasy character named Myul Mang successfully made the viewers go swooning. Many people have considered him as one of the actors who has the ‘boyfriend material’ or ‘husband material’ vibes. It somehow also leads people to be curious about his personal life, especially his love life. The most common questions are, ‘Does Seo In-guk has a girlfriend?’ or ‘Is Seo In-guk married?’. From his debut era until now, Seo In-guk has been involved in several dating rumors, even though he once publicly announced his relationship.

Seo In-guk’s Ideal Type is an Intelligent Woman

Well, Seo In-guk may not have a wife for now, but the actor once revealed the ideal type that he is looking for when it comes to a love partner. According to his statement, he isn’t paying attention to someone’s outer look, but he’d prefer to date an intelligent woman since he prefers intelligence over beauty as well. Seo In-guk also thoughts that love has no age boundaries, so it doesn’t matter if we will fall in love with someone older or younger than ourselves. Speaking of the ideal type, Seo In-guk was also once chosen for Girls’ Generation’s Yoona over A-Pink’s Eunji.

Seo In-guk’s Dating Rumors and Ex-Girlfriend

As Seo In-guk has starred in several dramas, he particularly matched with many female co-stars and portrayed such amazing chemistry with them. It also somehow made the fans couldn’t get over their chemistry, to the stage Seo In-guk has been involved in dating rumors. However, the actor used to be in a relationship in the past as well. Check out more details here:

Seo In-guk Used To Have a Relationship with Park Bo-ram

Seo In-guk used to have a relationship with singer Park Bo-ram. The two of them were confirmed dating in 2017, but they have been dating since 2016. For those of you who haven’t know, both Seo In-guk and Park Bo-ram were former contestants of Superstar K. Seo In-guk appeared in the first season of the show, then Park Bo-ram appeared in the second season. The couple first caught up in a dating rumor after people witnessed them go hang out together. The couple didn’t try to hide their relationship, but they spent most of their time in a private spot. Seo In-guk has been there for Park Bo-ram during her difficult times, and vice versa. However, after 2 years of dating, Seo In-guk and Park Bo-ram ended their relationship in 2018. Wasn’t revealed the reasons behind the broke up, but their agencies confirmed, “Seo In-guk and Park Bo-ram naturally broke up.”

Seo In-guk Rumored to Date Park Bo-young

Seo In-guk was once rumored to be dating actress Park Bo-young, especially after the two of them starred in Doom at Your Service (2021). Through the fantasy-romance drama, Seo In-guk and Park Bo-young appeared as a couple with a slightly tragic love story, but they ended up happily together. Many fans were fond of their chemistry, and both of them were showing off their chemistry behind the scenes! As you can expect, there were lots of dating rumors reported between Seo In-guk and Park Bo-young. However, they explained that they weren’t dating at all although Seo In-guk once reveal that he has the best chemistry with Park Bo-young compared to his previous projects so far. Park Bo-young herself revealed that Seo In-guk is a down-to-earth and sincere person. Meanwhile, Seo In-guk thoughts he can learn a lot from her, and how cute she was with her petite body.

Seo In-guk’s Thoughts on Marriage

Seo In-guk once told his thoughts and talked about marriage. Previously, the actor has been involved in dating rumors, even used to have a relationship although it has been over. During the press conference of his movie, Pipeline, Seo In-guk revealed that he doesn’t have thoughts on marriage yet for now. However, he expresses his desire to be a cool father to his children once he has a kid. “I want to be a father who is like a friend as well for my child,” he said. Well, the actor seems to love kids, and it was portrayed back then when he filmed a drama titled The Sons or Rascal Sons. Seo In-guk caught up teaching the child actor how to play piano, and somehow he looked like a real father! That’s everything about Seo In-guk’s love life and his potential wife! Although he hasn’t married yet, Seo In-guk has revealed his ideal type and his thoughts regarding marriage. Let’s wish nothing but the best for Seo In-guk’s love life in the future! Don’t you also think that Seo In-guk has the boyfriend or husband material vibes? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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