The member that we’re going to talk about in this article is none other than Seulong! Seulong who was born in Seoul, May 11th, 1987 as Im Seul-ong, is one of the vocalists of 2AM from 2008 to 2014. While being a member of 2AM, Seulong was not only active as the vocalist of the group, but he also appeared in dramas and became an actor. In 2014, 2AM had to disband due to the expiration of their contracts. However, Seulong still actively pursues his singing career. He doesn’t act as much as when he was in 2AM, but hopefully, he will soon! Let’s take a look at Seulong’s full information that we have gathered for you in order to get to know him better!

Seulong’s Profile

Name: Seulong Full name: Im Seul-ong Date of Birth: May 11th, 1987 Occupation: Singer, actor Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 187 cm Debut (2AM): July 11th, 2008 Solo debut: May 22nd, 2015 Agency: JYP Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment (2008–2015), SidusHQ (2015–2020), JellyFish Entertainment (2020–present)

Seulong Facts

Seulong enlisted in the military on November 28th, 2017. Seulong’s drama and movie debut was in 2010 when he starred in a movie titled Acoustic and a drama titled Personal Taste. Seulong has two bars opened in Itaewon called Nerd Bar and Odd Bar. Seulong was popular with the nickname Choco abs back when he was a member of 2AM. Seulong is still in good terms with IU whom he made a collaboration together in 2012 for the We Got Married reality show. Seulong likes to play football, he was in a football club called FC Men where a lot of idol stars had also joined, such as HIGHLIGHT’s Doojoon, BTOB’s Minhyuk, etc. Seulong and Ahn So-hee, former Wonder Girls member were once rumored to be dating, but they were actually just close friends.

Seulong’s 2AM Era

After taking a look at Seulong’s profile and facts, let’s talk about his old days, the time when Seulong was a member of 2AM. We know that he was the tallest member of 2AM, we also know that he used to appear in dramas and movies, and we even know that he was involved in a dating rumor with Sohee, his at the time label mate. However, there are still more interesting things about Seulong that we have provided for you. Let’s dig deeper into Seulong’s life! Seulong was close with his label mate, 2PM’s Taecyeon. They often took pictures together including back when they were both still in JYP Entertainment. They’re also close with Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in who was the We Got Married partner of Jo Kwon, 2AM’s leader. Along with 2AM and 2PM members, Seulong once covered Brown Eyed Girls’ song titled “Abracadabra.” They even cross-dressed and danced to the song just as the original. Look at how funny they were! Do you think that they should make another parody song?

And most importantly, Seulong’s live performance with 2AM will absolutely amaze you!

Pst, the acapella version of their song is also wonderful!

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