In 2019, member Hyun was reported of going on a hiatus due to health problems. It was said that he got sick during the group’s 2019 European tour and he hasn’t participated in the group’s promotional activities since then on. It is unfortunate since he is known to be the silliest member of the group that can lift up everyone’s spirit. Curious to take a look at his full profile? Check out all the details about him in this article below!

Seven O’Clock’s Hyun’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Hyun (현) Birth Name: Park Sung-hyun (박성현) Position: Vocalist Birthday: August 25th, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 176 cm (5’9″) Weight: 58 kg  (128 lbs) Instagram: @hyun.soc

Seven O’Clock’s Hyun’s Fun Facts

Seven O’clock’s Hyun comes from Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Seven O’clock’s Hyun is one of the members of the original lineup of Seven O’clock Seven O’clock’s Hyun is the best cook in the group Seven O’clock’s Hyun is known as the most attractive member out of all the other members Seven O’clock’s Hyun hates vegetables Seven O’clock’s Hyun’s favorite Seven O’Clock song is “Halley” Seven O’clock’s Hyun’s other favorite song is BTS’s Jungkook‘s “Euphoria” Lesson on Self-Esteem is Seven O’clock’s Hyun’s favorite book and he even recommends it Black is Seven O’clock’s Hyun’s favorite color Flour-based dishes and Milkis are Seven O’clock’s Hyun’s favorite foods and baverage Singing is Seven O’clock’s Hyun’s specialty Seven O’clock’s Hyun’s bad habit is shaking his legs According to Seven O’clock’s Hyun, two game characters named OW and Junkrat are best to describe him Seven O’clock’s Hyun is the silliest member of the group Seven O’clock’s Hyun’s personal style is described as casual Seven O’clock’s Hyun’s zodiac is Virgo Seven O’clock’s Hyun participated in JTBC’s survival show MIXNINE and even ranked #6 in the final episode, but unfortunately, he failed the audition stage During the group’s 2019 European tour, Seven O’clock’s Hyun got sick and thus he has been on hiatus since April 2019

About Seven O’Clock’s Hyun’s Personality

Hyun is described as the silliest member of the group. That means he likes to make jokes, pranks and says funny things. Hyun also has many interesting qualities and stories. He once said that he resembles the ‘bee’ at home because when he takes a shower every morning, the bees always flock around him like he was honey. All the other members who heard that were laughing and telling him to send a video message to the bees, and he compiled kkk~~he is indeed a very silly (and weird in a good way) person. Because of this unique quality, he is considered to be the most attractive/interesting member out of all the other members. Well, it seems like he is a very likable person, even for bees!

At times he also likes to sacrifice himself in order to make everyone laugh and lift up the mood. Like that time he did a dance cover of Sunmi‘s “Gashina”. Seven O’clock’s Hyun also has a really casual personal style. He doesn’t like to wear flashy colors and most of the time sticks to monochrome clothes. Whoa, indeed Hyun is a really simple guy.

Seven O’clock’s Hyun’s Focus Fancam

Although he is the vocalist of the group, Hyun is really good at dancing! Like all the other Seven O’Clock members, they perform perfectly in sync on stage. They bring each of their energy and share it with fans. The result is a beautiful performance that excites fans. Are you curious about how well Seven O’Clock Hyun performs on stage? Check out Hyun’s fancams below and feel the energy!

Seven O’Clock’s Hyun’s Cover Songs

Singing is Hyun’s specialty. After all, he is the vocalist of the group. And he likes to sing. Be it an English song or Korean, he makes the song of other people his own! Check out some of his best cover videos that we have found!

Seven O’Clock’s Hyun’s Visual

Hyun is said to resemble the model Hong Jin-kyung, especially when he has no makeup on. The reason for that is probably their similar eye features. Although he has a double eyelid, his eyes always look sleepy. Indeed, Hyun’s eyes are probably the most noticeable feature on him at a first glance. His sleepy eyes give him a sort of ‘cool’ aura, don’t you agree? Aside from that, he also has a very youthful face so whatever outfit he wears, he always reminds you of that university oppa whom you’re crushing on. What do you think? Don’t you agree with us?

Seven O’Clock’s Hyun’s Latest News

Although he is currently on a break from Seven O’Clock promotional activities and had to sit down from the group’s 2020 comeback with Highway, that doesn’t mean he has completely disappeared from the fans’ radar. He has been constantly giving updates to fans through his Instagram during 2020. He has shared a photo of him that shows that he’s getting better amidst the coronavirus outbreak. And it seems like he is back to his silly self. We are really glad to see him back. He is such a burst of sunshine. Glad to see him getting better! We hope that we can see him come back to Seven O’Clock activities on their next comeback. So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the silliest member of Seven O’Clock, Hyun! What do you think about him? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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