Full Profile of Seven O’Clock’s Rui

Birth Name: Jang Ru-i (장루이) Stage Name: Rui (루이) Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, March 7th, 2000 Age: 21 years old Zodiac Sign: Pisces Height: 178 cm Weight: 63 kg Blood Type: O Position: Rapper, Maknae Label: Staro Entertainment, Forest Network Years Active: 2018–present Associated With: Seven O’Clock, Under Nineteen Instagram: ryu.soc

Fun Facts About Rui

Rui was added to Seven O’Clock as a member in 2019 Rui used to be a contestant of Under Nineteen but failed to debut with 1THE9 In Under Nineteen, Rui was called the Fireboy Rui was born in South Korea and stayed there for several years before moving to another country Due to his father’s job, Rui had to move to Hong Kong when he was in fourth grade Rui went to Seoul Arts College Rui would like to be recognized by G-Dragon one day, and “Superstar” is Rui’s favorite song by G-Dragon Rui loves to cook Japanese food Rui’s favorite food is oyakodon (Japanese chicken and egg rice bowl) Rui can play soccer If Rui was the only person left on earth, he would make music and rap until he left a unique piece of music

About Seven O’Clock’s Rui’s Personality

Rui has been famously known as someone who has a passionate personality. This has been proven through his career journey! Rui is originally Korean but he moved to Hong Kong due to his father’s job when he was in fourth grade. In order to chase after his dream, Rui returned to South Korea and started his journey by joining the survival show Under Nineteen!

Rui’s “Promise”

In his performance of the single “Promise”, Rui was definitely looking as amazing as ever! The most important part was proven through Rui’s sophisticated rapping skills, which were beyond wonderful as well. The 2-minute-31-second video doesn’t look like a ‘real’ music video, it is more like a live performance video of Rui in a recording studio. But, it doesn’t really matter because the only thing that matters is Rui’s great performance of “Promise”. The scene is also filled with a simple and monochromatic concept, since the points were made by the several transitions between Rui’s sides, and it also turns from a black and white clip into a full-color clip. Rui’s emotions while singing were expressed beautifully, and he seemed to be really passionate about it. Watch his amazing performance of “Promise”, here:

Seven O’Clock’s Rui’s Journey In Under Nineteen

In 2018, Rui joined the survival show Under Nineteen as one of the contestants. The show was aired by MBC and included 57 contestants. All of them competed against each other and were divided into several groups/categories such as vocals, rapping, and performance. Under Nineteen also focused on those trainees from several agencies who were still under the age of 19.

During Under Nineteen, Rui was involved in the rapping team and considered himself the baritone rapper from Hong Kong, since he was in charge of baritone rapping in the team. Through the short introduction video, Rui also amazed people with his incredible rapping skills. Another interesting part of Rui’s short introduction was the fact that he could introduce himself in four different languages. Rui gained a lot of attention due to his powerful performance as well as the magnificent rap through his performance during Under Nineteen. He even also got the title Swag from Hong Kong! When Rui and other contestants were performing “Her”, he looked really passionate and energetic on the stage. It also made the crowds and atmosphere during their performance really loud and enlivened!

Unfortunately, his journey in Under Nineteen finished in Episode 9 because he got eliminated. As the final rank, Rui managed to be placed on #13.

Seven O’Clock’s Rui’s Visual

At first glance, some people might be wondering whether Rui is originally Korean or not, because his visual appearance looks like he is of mixed nationality. Truth be told, Rui is originally Korean, but he moved to Hong Kong when he was young and lived there for several years before returning to South Korea. Speaking of Rui’s visual appearance, he definitely has that sophisticated look with a mixture of amazing features as well! Let’s take a look at several of Rui’s flawless visual appearances, here: Rui’s visual appearance with the boyfriend look vibes! His brown hair is really suited well with his porcelain skin, and somehow it reminds us of a tone of milk and chocolate. One of the most highlighted features in his visual is his eyes! Those moon-shape and sharp eyes also make his visual filled with sophisticated vibes. Moreover, his sharp jaw and pointed nose also complete Rui’s flawless visual features! From a boyfriend look into an adorable cute image, Rui can easily transform himself into another visual appearance image. And obviously, he looks as gorgeous as ever! With the same brown hair, sharp eyes, pointed nose, and sharp jaw, but this time Rui appears with a cute image which we can see from his flattering eye makeup, floral crown, and pastel outfit. His expression looks adorable with those sharp puppy eyes, right? This one might be totally different from the two previous images, since Rui has come up with ‘bad boy’ vibes which made his appearance look even more mature. His brown hair has changed into blonde, and there is no pastel eye makeup or pastel outfit since all of them changed into monochromatic visuals and black outfits as well. Moreover, his highlighted features are also emphasized through his side visual and make Rui look quite manly!

Seven O’Clock’s Single “Hey There”

Everything related to Rui is absolutely important to his fans! And now let’s find out what he’s been up to lately? Well, currently Rui is still focused on his career as a Seven O’Clock member. In August 2020, the group released their latest single entitled “Hey There”. The single was also included in Seven O’Clock’s album Highway as the lead single.

Other than that, Rui also updates his personal activities on her Instagram account.   That was all the information regarding Seven O’Clock’s Rui! We are looking forward to his career updates in the future, so kindly let us know your thoughts on him in the comment section below!

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